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December 24-30, 2012 Pitchers with an average minimum of One Strikeout Per Inning in 2012

Q.         What former Monarch has thrown the most no hitters in the majors?
Hint:     Yes.  It’s a trick question.
Hint:     He received Cy Young Award votes six of his eight years in the majors.
Twint:    The Panda was unimpressed.
A.         Justin Verlander (Alum of Old Dominion University, the Monarchs, 2 No-nos:  12‑Jun‑2007 & 05‑Jul‑2011; Pablo Sandoval hit 2 HRs the first 2 times he faced him in the postseason 24-Oct-2012 & a 3b in the AS G 10-Jul-2012.)
FCR -    Derek Norin, Arlington, VA

Q.         What two-time Cy Young Award winner was drafted in the 48th round by the Cubs?
Hint:     His ERA in three stops in the minors was a combined 1.01.
Hint:     He was named the PAC-10's Freshman of the Year and Pitcher of the Year.
Twint:    The Panda was more impressed.
A.         Tim Lincecum (CYA 2008, 09; Minors; FOY/POY 2004; Teammate Pablo Sandoval admired his 4.2 IP/0.00 ERA performance in the 2012 WS.)
FCR -    Bob Wilber, Spokane, WA

Q.         Who is the only National League pitcher to win the pitching Triple Crown and Gold Glove in the same season?
Hint:     His work with his wife in Zambia earned him the Roberto Clemente Award.
Twint:    He’s finished in the top two of Cy Young Award voting in his league the past two seasons.
A.         Clayton Kershaw (TC/GG 2011; RCA 2012; 2011 CYA, #2 in 2012)
FCR -    J.J. McCoy, Washington, DC

Q.         What pitcher hit his first career home run off Matt Cain?
Hint:     It’s the only home run of his seven-year National League career.
Hint:     Cain responded by homering off him in the bottom of the same inning.
Twint:    He showed no remorse in plunking Harper.
Twint:    This action was also reciprocated by the opposing pitcher.
A.         Cole Hamels (HR 21-Jul-2012; HBP 06-May-2012; Hit Bryce Harper hit by Jordan Zimmerman)
FCR -    Leanne Rohrbach, Minnapolis, MN

Q.         Who won the Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year Award the year after Stephen Strasburg won it?
Hint:     Although many speculated that he would start the All-Star game, he claimed that he was happy just to be selected to represent his league.
Hint:     He was born in and attended high school and college in Florida, but has only pitched in a single regular-season game in that state as a professional.
Twint:    His ERA in 2012 was the worst of his career and yet the season overall was by far the best of his career.
A.         Chris Sale (CBPOY 2010; ASG 2012; b. Lakeland, Lakeland Sr. HS, Florida Gulf Coast University, only FL G 20-Apr-2011; 3.05 ERA compared to 1.93 & 2.79 in his first two seasons)
FCR -    Mitchell Below, Oakland, CA

Q.         What pitcher, who has been an All-Star in both leagues, created the foundation he called Giving Individuals Opportunities?
Hint:     Its mission is to serve children in need of medical assistance.
Twint:    He had the best record on the team with the major’s best record in 2012.
A.         Gio Gonzalez (GIO Foundation; 21-8 on the 98-64 Washington Nationals;
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO

Q.         Who became a Tiger because he was drafted so low by the Cardinals?
Hint:     1,291st overall, to be exact.
Hint:     When the Diamondback had the decency to draft him 1,280 places higher, he signed with them.
Twint:    He set the record for the number of consecutive batters retired (13) for a pitcher making his MLB debut as a reliever.
A.         Max Scherzer (Played for the University of Missouri Tigers; debut 29-Apr-2008)
FCR -    Rick Brody, Austin, TX

Q.         Who is the only right-handed pitcher born in Mexico to win a Silver Slugger Award?
Hint:     No other National League pitcher started more games in 2012.
Twint:    He is the only pitcher ever to homer off Randy Johnson.
A.         Yovani Gallardo (SSA 2010; 33 GS 2010 [tied with 11 others]; HR 08-Apr-2009)
FCR -    Steven Elsberry, Windsor Heights, IA

Q.         Who was the losing pitcher of the first-ever ALWC?
Hint:     His father was on the Iranian national soccer team.
Twint:    He threw a no-hitter in the first round of the high school national championship tournament in Japan.
A.         Yu Darvish (American League Wild Card 05-Oct-2012; Father Farzad Darvishsefad; No-no 26-Mar-2004)
FCR -    Jeff Korell, Van Nuys, CA

Q.         What pitcher holds the University of Mississippi school single season (146) and career (332) strikeout records?
Hint:     In high school, paired with teammate Drew Storen, his team went 33-0 and captured the state championship.
Twint:    In the minors, he broke the Memphis Redbirds franchise strikeout record, fanning 16 against the Oklahoma City RedHawks.
A.         Lance Lynn (Ole Miss; Storen; Redbirds)
FCR -    Derek Norin, Arlington, VA

Q.         What Hoosier and former All-American wide receiver is now known more for throwing than receiving?
Hint:     He and his sports agent brother have made the largest contribution ever to the Serbian Baseball Development Association.
Twint:    He is of Serbian and Amerind ancestry.
Twint:    He tied for the lead in victories for the 2012 Cubs.
A.         Jeff Samardzija (Born and raised in Indiana, All-American on the Notre Dame football team; Brother Sam Samardzija, Jr.; 13 W, tied with Travis Wood)
FCR -    Derek Norin, Arlington, VA

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers with an average minimum of One Strikeout Per Inning in 2012

Pitcher            K/Inn
Darvish         10.3955
Gallardo          9.0000
Gonzalez         9.3462
Hamels           9.0279
Kershaw          9.0527
Lincecum        9.1935
Lynn               9.2045
Sale                9.0000
Samardzija      9.2748
Scherzer        11.0782
Verlander        9.0252

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Gregg Gaylord, Chicago, IL

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