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March 11-17, 2013 Fathers and sons who were Nolan Ryan strikeout victims

Q.         Who, in 1973, came up one homer short of being baseball’s first 40-40 man?
Hint:     He joined the 30-30 club in his first full major league season.
Hint:     When he retired he held the record for most career 30-30 seasons.
Twint:    It is a record he now shares with his son.
A.         Bobby Bonds (39 HR 43 SB in 1973; 32 HR 45 SB in 1969; 5 career 30-30 seasons, record shared with Barry)
FCR -    Michael Daponde, Sacramento, CA

Q.         Who is the only player to have three consecutive 30-30 seasons?
Hint:     He holds the record for most career intentional walks.
Hint:     After Babe Ruth (1926-31) he was the next player to lead the majors in OPS+ for five consecutive seasons.
Twint:    He was the highest-paid player in the majors from 1995-97 and again from 2004-05.
A.         Barry Bonds (30-30 1995-97; 688 IBB; led majors in OPS+ 2000-04)
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR

Q.         Who was the only person to receive a World Series ring as a player for the 1975-76 Reds and the 1990 Reds?
Hint:     After Stan Musial retired, he was the next Donora, PA native to play in the majors.
Hint:     He won the 1980 All-Star MVP Award.
Twint:    He coached his son on two different teams.
A.         Ken Griffey (Griffey received 1990 WS ring even though he was with Seattle by the end of the season, and Tony Perez received a 1990 WS ring as a coach, not a player; 1980 ASGs; coached Ken Griffey Jr. on the 1993 Mariners and 2000-01 Reds)
FCR -    Kevin Warren, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Q.         Who is the only player to hit 400 home runs for the Mariners?
Hint:     He is the only player to have hit 45 home runs in a season for the Mariners.
Hint:     He is the only player to win the All-Star MVP Award after his father had previously won the Award.
Twint:    He was the last Reds player to hit 40 home runs in a season in the 20th Century.
A.         Ken Griffey Jr. (417 HR for SEA; 1992 ASMVP, Sr. 1980 ASMVP; 40 HR for CIN in 2000)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         Which player led the American League in plate appearances 18 years before his son did the same?
Hint:     He played two postseason games during his career, flying out as a pinch-hitter in the first and being caught stealing as a pinch-runner in the second.
Hint:     He was the PTBNL in the trade that sent Eddie Mathews to the Astros.
Twint:    He is one of fourteen shortstops to have worn #2 for the Yankees.
A.         Sandy Alomar (led AL in PA 1970-71, son Roberto led in 1989; FO 1976 ALCS Game 4, CS 1976 ALCS Game 5; sent from ATL to HOU 15-Aug-1967 to complete Mathews trade; #2 for 1975-76 Yankees, played 1 game @ SS in 1975 & 6 games @ SS in 1976)
FCR -    Joe Thompson, Splendora, TX

Q.         Who was the last catcher to win the Rookie of the Year Award unanimously?
Hint:     His ninth-inning single broke up Mike Mussina’s perfect game bid.
Hint:     He is the only Indians manager with a .500 winning percentage.
Twint:    He was dropped from the Hall of Fame ballot two years after his brother was inducted.
A.         Sandy Alomar, Jr. (unanimous AL ROY in 1990; perfect game spoiler 30‑May‑1997; 3-3 as Indians manager in 2012; 2.8% HOF vote in 2013, brother Roberto elected in 2011)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York, NY

Q.         Which second baseman won the Gold Glove Award every year from 1991-2001 except 1997?
Hint:     In a move that confounds researchers to this day, Chuck Knoblauch interrupted his streak.
Hint      Knoblauch had worse fielding percentage, Range Factor per Nine Innings and Range Factor per Game that year.
Hint:     General Manager Joe McIlvaine called him “Dr. J in cleats”.  (No.  Not Knoblauch.)
Twint:    He was traded WITH Joe Carter a year after his brother was traded FOR Joe Carter.
A.         Roberto Alomar (traded w-Carter 05-Dec-1990, brother Sandy, Jr. traded for Carter 06‑Dec‑1989)
FCR -    Michael Daponde, Sacramento, CA

Q.         Who holds the Royals record for most doubles in a season?
Hint:     He is one of five players to hit 100 home runs and steal 100 bases for the team.
Hint:     He was the first three-time winner of the Designated Hitter of the Year Award.
Twint:    He became Royals manager two years after being inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame.
A.         Hal McRae (54 2B in 1977; 169 HR 105 SB, others w- 100/100 are George Brett [317/201], Amos Otis [193/340], Frank White [160/178] & Carlos Beltran [123/164]; DHoY 1976, 80, 82)
FCR -    Joe Thompson, Splendora, TX

Q.         Which player forwent a University of Kansas football scholarship to sign a six-figure bonus deal with the Royals?
Hint:     He and his father were purportedly the first father-and-son to appear together in a Major League game when they both played in the same 1987 spring training game.
Hint:     He was a coach for the United States in the 2010 World Junior Championship.
Twint:    In 1995 he led the National League in both at-bats and outs made.
A.         Brian McRae (17th overall pick in 1985 draft; 580 AB, 437 outs made in 1995)
FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         Who is the only Major Leaguer with the given name “Patsy”?
Hint:     He led the American League in doubles in 1960, the only time he hit more than 30 in a season.
Hint:     He and Rocky Colavito each had one vote in the 1956 American League Rookie of the Year balloting, keeping Luis Aparicio from winning the award unanimously.
Twint:    He was once traded for Larry Doby, bringing Doby ever so briefly to Detroit.
A.         Tito Francona (given name John Patsy Francona; 36 2B in 1962; traded for Doby 21‑Mar‑1959)
FCR -    J.J. McCoy, Washington, DC

Q.         Who was basketball legend Michael Jordan’s only minor league manager?
Hint:     He and Bobby Valentine traded jobs in 2012.
Hint:     Like his father, he ended his career with the Brewers.
Twint:    He has the most World Series wins among managers who have never lost a World Series game.
A.         Terry Francona (managed Jordan on the 1994 Birmingham Barons; Valentine managed 2012 Red Sox while Francona replaced him on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball; 93 games for 1989-90 Brewers, father Tito played 52 games for 1970 Brewers; 8-0 in WS play [2004 & 2007 WS])
FCR -    Christopher Bell, New York, NY

Q.         Who was the only player to lead his league in stolen bases six times during the 1960s?
Hint:     He was drafted by the Reds and loaned to the Tigers, but never played a game for either team.
Hint:     His 10th inning RBI single won the 1966 All-Star Game.
Twint:    He played in the Dodgers’ first Old-Timers game, even though he was still on the team’s active roster.
A.         Maury Wills (Led NL in SB 1960-65; drafted by CIN 03-Dec-1956 & returned to LAN prior to 1958 season, loaned to DET 13-Oct-1958 & returned to LAN 02-Apr-1959; BRO/LAN OTG 06-Jun-1971; 1966 ASG)
FCR -    Chuck Durante, Dover, DE

Q.         Who holds the Rangers team record for most stolen bases in a season?
Hint:     He and Toby Harrah were the first post-expansion players to hit back-to-back inside-the-park home runs.
Hint:     Ryne Sandberg replaced him as Cubs second baseman.
Twint:    He and his father are the only father-and-son to each hold a team’s single-season stolen bases record.
A.         Bump Wills (52 SB in 1978; btb IPHR 27-Aug-1977; Sandberg moved from 3B to 2B to replace Wills in 1983; dad Maury holds BRO/LAN record w-104 SB in 1962)
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR

Q.         Which sub-.200 hitter replaced MVP-to-be Dick Groat for the 1960 Pirates when Groat’s wrist was broken on 06-Sep-1960?
Hint:     He went 31-97 during Groat’s absence, keeping the Pirates in the pennant race.
Hint:     He batted .160 during the two years he had to be kept on the Cardinals’ roster as a bonus baby.
Twint:    He was the first player to bat at Shea Stadium.
A.         Dick Schofield, Sr. (8-50 from 03-Jun-1953 through 02-Jun-1955; Shea debut 17‑Apr‑1964)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         Which former infielder is the uncle of Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth?
Hint:     He shares (with Monte Cross and Rob Deer) the record for most seasons with 400 or more at-bats and less than 100 hits.
Hint:     His two-out walk-off grand slam on 29-Aug-1986 capped an eight-run ninth inning.
Hint:     He and his father were both teammates with pitchers John Curtis, Jerry Reuss, Jim Slaton and Don Sutton.
Twint:    He thrice led the American League (and once the National) in fielding percentage for shortstops.
A.         Dick Schofield, Jr. (4 400+ <100 seasons [1984-85, 91-92; AL SS pct ldr 1984, 87-88, NL 1992)
FCR -    Tom Zocco, Rocky Hill, CT

WEEKLY THEME – Fathers and sons who were Nolan Ryan strikeout victims

Alomars           Last K vs. Ryan
Sr.        24‑Aug‑1975, 5th inning
Jr.        26‑Apr‑1991, 2nd inning
Robbie 18‑Jul‑1991, 7th inning (More famous K 01‑May‑1991, ending Ryan’s 7th no-hitter)

Bobby  13-May-1975, 4th inning
Barry    18-May-1988, 3rd inning

Tito       19‑May‑1968, 6th inning
Terry     18‑Apr‑1987, 3rd inning

Sr.        12‑Apr‑1988, 3rd inning
Jr.        25‑Sep-‑1991, 6th inning

Hal       24‑Sep‑1979, 4th inning
Brian     01-Sep-1992, 2nd inning

Ducky   01-Jun-1968, 7th inning
Dick     24-Sep-1990, 3rd inning

Maury   15-Jun-1971, 7th inning
Bump   28‑Sep‑1979, 5th inning

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Abbey Garber, Dallas, TX (after the Son of Wed. Q.)

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