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June 10-16, 2013 Players who hit 50 home runs in a season at age 25 or younger

Q.         Who holds the career World Series records for home runs, runs scored, bases on balls, strike outs, runs batted and total bases?
Hint:     He holds the career record for home runs hit by a switch hitter.
Twint:    He is the only Yankee Hall of Fame player from Oklahoma.
Twint:    He was an M&M boy.
A.         Mickey Mantle (WS records: 18 HR, 42 R, 43 BB, 54 Ks , 40 RBI & 123 TB; 536 HR; HOF OK; Mantle and Maris)
FCR -    Gene Schwartz, Weston, CT

Q.         What rookie hit the fly ball caught by Joe DiMaggio that led to Mickey Mantle’s knee injury in the 1951 World Series?
Hint:     He holds the record for hitting home runs in the most different innings.
Hint:     His 16th inning home run off Warren Spahn ended the longest ever shutout duel by two major league pitchers.
Twint:    His first major league hit was also a home run off Warren Spahn.
Twint:    In the same game, he struck out with two men on base, and then popped out with a runner on base to end the game in a 4-1 loss.
A.         Willie Mays (5th inning G 2; HR hit in 16 different innings; Spahn vs Marichal; 1st HR 28‑May‑1951)
FCR -    Harvey Judkowitz, Miami, FL

Q.         Who was credited with a shared no-hitter despite only facing the first batter and issuing him a base-on-balls?
Hint:     The pitcher who relieved him, threw out the man on base and then proceeded to retire the next 26 batters.
Twint:    With two outs in the bottom of the 9th in the seventh inning of a World Series, he was caught stealing second to end the game and the Series.
Twint:    In that same game seven he had a home run and four bases on balls in the 3-2 loss.
A.         Babe Ruth (No-no 23‑Jun‑1917, heavy lifting done by teammate Ernie Shore; 1926 WS, G 7 12‑Oct, giving the St. Louis Cards their first championship)
FCR -    R.J. Lesch, Adel, IA

Q.         Who was a catcher in nine and pitcher in two of his twenty seasons in the majors, but won an MVP as a first baseman?
Hint:     Connie Mack moved him to first where he played most of his remaining career.
Twint:    He was discovered by Franklin Baker.
Twint:    In his final season he pitched in 9 games and 22.2 innings with a 1.59 earned run average for the Athletics.
Twint:    He made Ogden Nash’s line up.
A.         Jimmie Foxx (Fielding stats, 1B 1919G C 108G, P 10G; Home Run Baker discovered the young Foxx; 1-0 in 9 starts, 1945 Phillies; Line Up for Yesterday)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO

Q.         Who was told by Branch Rickey "We finished last with you, we can finish last without you."?
Hint:     He, too, could turn a phrase with quotes such as “Two thirds of the earth is covered by water, the other third by Garry Maddox”.
Hint:     When he married a tennis star, Hank Greenberg was his best man.
Twint:    He has been a broadcaster with the New York Mets since their first season.
Twint:    He once joked that the reason he was hired as their broadcaster was because he had “losing experience”.
A.         Ralph Kiner (Team by Team Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball; Garry Maddox; Married Nancy Chafee 1951; 52 years with the NYM; Hired by George Weiss)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO

Q.         Whose hit off Troy Percival was the first to be officially reviewed with instant replay?
Hint:     In his major league debut, his team suffered the 10th unassisted triple play in the modern era.
Hint:     He holds the American League record of seven runs batted in for a single inning.
Twint:    He was the 1992 Gatorade Player of the Year.
Twint:    He wanted to play in the National League but because of the “even-odd” system of the draft, he ended up in the American League.
A.         Alex Rodriguez (2008-Sep-03 confirmed the HR; Debut 1994-Jul-08, UTP J Valentine; 7 RBI 2009-Oct-04; 1993 draft by SEA)
FCR -    Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY

Q.         Who was ridiculed as being too fat for even the Athletics?
Hint:     As a twelve-year-old boy, he hit a batting practice home run at Tiger Stadium.
Hint:     In his third All Star Game appearance, he was named Most Valuable Player, based mostly on his three-run homer off C.J. Wilson.
Twint:    He is the only player to win the Home Run Derby in both leagues.
A.         Prince Fielder (The Money ball 2002 draft class; Batting practice HR; 2011 ASG; Derby wins 2009 MIL, 2012 DET)
FCR -    Jim Lovelace, Kent, OH

WEEKLY THEME - Players who hit 50 home runs in a season at age 25 or younger

Player       Age   HR      Year
Fielder       23      50       2007
Foxx         24      58       1932
Kiner         24      51       1947
Mantle       24      52       1956
Mays         24      51       1955
A-Rod       25      52       2001
Ruth          25      54       1920

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jack Sullivan,m Louisville, KY

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