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July 15-21, 2013 Horsehide Trivia answers from selected weeks in 2008

Q.         What links the following players?
Jerry Adair
Bobby Avila
Foster Castleman
Andy Etchebarren
Dick Kryhoski
Tim Nordbrook
Buddy Peterson
Boog Powell
Jim Pyburn
Dave Skaggs
Gene Stephens
Marv Throneberry

Twint:    It’s often done in the Winter Olympic Games.

A.         Orioles who wore uniform number 8 before 1981 (Figure 8)
Player            Year (s)
Kryhoski        1954
Pyburn           1955, 56, 57
Peterson        1957
Castleman      1958
Adair             1959
Avila              1959
Thomas         1960
Stephens       1960, 1961
Throneberry    1961, 62
Etchebarren   1962, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75
Powell           1964
Nordbrook     1976
Skaggs          1977, 78, 79, 80

FCR -    Mike Spatz, Ellicott City, MD

Q.         What is the common theme among the following players?
Johnny Podres
Paul Molitor
Jack Morris
Curt Schilling
Dave Stewart
Gene Tenace
Pat Borders

Twint:    Before, during and after

A.         World Series MVP winners in uniform for the 1993 World Series
Podres       1955 WS MVP for Brooklyn       Phillies pitching coach
Molitor        1993 WS MVP for Toronto         Blue Jays 3b/DH
Morris         1991 WS MVP for Minnesota     Blue Jays SP
Schilling      2001 WS MVP for Arizona         Phillies SP
Stewart       1989 WS MVP for Oakland        Blue Jays SP
Tenace        1972 WS MVP for Oakland        Blue Jays Bench coach
Borders      1992 WS MVP for Toronto         Blue Jays C

FCR -    Mark Hayne, Dumfries, VA

Q.         What is the common theme of the following players?
Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown
Sam Rice
Billy Herman
Chuck Klein
Edd Roush
Amos Rusie
Max Carey
Sam Thompson

Twint:    Who’s your daddy?

A.         Hall of Famers born in Indiana

Brown               Nyesville, IN
Carey                Terre Haute, IN
Herman             New Albany, IN
Klein                 Indianapolis, IN
Rice                  Morocco, IN
Roush               Oakland City, IN
Rusie                Mooresville, IN
Thompson        Danville, IN

N.B. Oscar Charleston & Ford Frick were also born in the Hoosier State, but were not able to be included here.

FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         What common theme connects the following players?
Tony Oliva
Orlando Cepeda
Rico Carty
Gates Brown
Billy North
Terry Crowley
Tommy McCraw
John Ellis
Ollie Brown
Ed Kirkpatrick
Mike Andrews
Ron Blomberg
Twint:    It’s now been more than a generation.

A.         The batters who were the first to play as DH for each American League team
Andrews       White Sox    07‑Apr-1973
Blomberg     Yankees       06‑Apr‑1973
O. Brown      Brewers        06‑Apr‑1973
G. Brown      Tigers           07‑Apr‑1973
Carty            Rangers       07‑Apr-1973
Cepeda        Red Sox       06‑Apr‑1973
Crowley        Orioles         06‑Apr‑1973
Ellis             Indians         07‑Apr‑1973
Kirkpatrick    Royals         06‑Apr‑1973
McCraw        Angels         06‑Apr‑1973
North            A’s               06‑Apr‑1973
Oliva            Twins           06‑Apr‑1973

FCR -    Chuck Durante, Dover, DE

Q.         What is common to all those in this list?
Hank Aaron
Willie Mays
Livan Hernandez
Harmon Killebrew
Warren Spahn
Catfish Hunter
Joe Torre
Camilo Pascual
Junior Gilliam
Jim Finigan
Twint:    They blossom where planted.
A.         Players who were All-Stars for their teams before and after those franchises moved cities

Aaron           (MLW 1955-65; ATL 1966-73)
Finigan         (PHA 1954; KCA 1955)
Gilliam          (BKN 1956; LAD 1959)
Hernandez    (MON 2004; WSN 2005)
Hunter          (KCA 1966-67; OAK 1970, 72-74)
Killebrew      (WSH 1959; MIN 1961, 1963-1971)
Mays            (NYG 1954-58; SFG 1959-71)
Pascual        (WSH 1959-60; MIN 1961-62, 64)
Spahn          (BSN 1947, 49-52; MLW 1953-54, 56-63)
Torre            (MLW 1963-65; ATL 1966-67)

FCR -    Larry Creeden, Boulder City, NV

Q.         What did all these guys do?
Napoleon Lajoie
Hugh Duffy
Ross Barnes
Cal McVey
Benny Kauff
Fred Dunlap
Hick Carpenter
Twint:    Somebody had to do it.
A.         They were the first hits leader for each Major League.

Player         Year        League                            Team                                 Hits
McVey        1871     National Association       Boston Red Stockings            66
Barnes        1876     National League              Chicago White Stockings       138
Carpenter    1882     American Association     Cincinnati Red Stockings       120
Dunlap        1884     Union Association           St. Louis Maroons                 185
Duffy          1890     Players League               Chicago Pirates                     191
Lajoie         1901     American League            Philadelphia Athletics             232
Kauff          1914     Federal League               Indianapolis Hoosiers            211

FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY

Q.         What difficult accomplishment did all these men achieve?
Babe Ruth
Spud Chandler
Andy Pettitte
Joe McGinnity
Urban Shocker
Deacon Phillippe
Dizzy Dean
Jay Powell
Dave Foutz

Twint:    Positive X X

A.         Players who pitched in ten major league seasons without a losing season record

Pitcher               Career       Years
Chandler       109   -  43        1937-47
Dean             150   -  83        1930, 1932-41, 1947
Foutz            147   -  66        1884-1894
McGinnity      246   - 142       1899-1908
Pettitte          201   - 113       1995-2008
Phillippe        189   - 109       1899-1911
Powell            36   -  23        1995-2005
Ruth               94   -  46        1914-21, 1930, 1933
Shocker        187   - 117       1916-1928

FCR -    Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara, CA

Q.         What’s so special about this list?
Babe Ruth
Nick Altrock
Lefty Williams
Boo Ferriss
Vean Gregg
Harry Coveleski
Tex Hughson
Frank Owen
Russ Ford

Twint:    Why stop now?

A.         Pitchers with multiple 20-win seasons, but with fewer than 100 career wins
Altrock        (1905-06; 83)
Coveleski    (1914-16; 81)
Ferriss        (1945-46; 65)
Ford           (1910-11 [and 1914 FL]; 99)
Gregg         (1911-13; 92)
Owen          (1904-06; 82)
Ruth           (1916-17; 94)
Hughson     (1942, 46; 96)
Williams      (1919-20; 82)

FCR -    Al Blumkin, Brooklyn, NY

WEEKLY THEME – Horsehide Trivia answers from selected weeks in 2008 (Specifically, the weeks in 2008 where Steve Schwartz of Chico, California was first to guess the theme.)

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Merrill, Brunswick, ME

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