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October 14-20, 2013 Hall of Famers who played 135 or more games in their final season

Horsehide Trivia presented this week by guest author Barry Sparks

Q.         The part of what player did actor Thomas Jane play in a 2001 HBO movie?
Hint:     He got his start in professional baseball with a Class D team in Independence, Kansas.
Hint:     He once said, "I guess you could say I'm what this country is all about."
Twint:    Bob Costas and Billy Crystal are two of his most famous fans.
A.         Mickey Mantle (61*; 1949 Independence Yankees)
FCR -    Joe Thompson, Splendora, TX

Q.         Who was picked off of first base after getting his 3,000th hit?
Hint:     He once won a batting title on the last day of the season, besting a teammate for the honor.
Hint:     Describing the end of his 21-year career, he said, "I could have played another year, but I would have been playing for the money, and baseball deserves better than that."
Hint:     He had an eleven-year gap between the first and second times he hit for the cycle.
Twint:    He was the first player to win batting titles in three different decades.
Twint:    He is the only player to hit three home runs in a postseason game his team lost.
A.         George Brett (30‑Sep‑1992, picked off by Tim Fortugno; 1976, Brett .333, Hal McRae .332, Rod Carew .331; Cycles 28‑May‑1979, 25‑Jul‑1990; .333 in 1976, .390 in 1980 & .329 in 1990; 3 postseason HR ALCS 06‑Oct‑1978)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York, NY

Q.         Who hit 25 home runs the season after he came out of retirement?
Hint:     He stole 50 bases in one season and slammed 40 homers in another.
Hint:     He is now manager of the team where he made his major league debut.
Twint:    He was the fourth Chicago Cub to have his number retired.
A.         Ryne Sandberg (Retired after 1994 season, returned in 1996; 54 SB in 1985 and 40 HR in 1990; Mgr of the Philadelphia Phillies (debuted with the Phillies 02‑Sep‑1981; Banks (14), Williams (26), Santo (10) and Sandberg (23).
FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         Who played in 1,103 consecutive games, at the time the second-longest streak in history?
Hint:     His bat "Black Betsy" is on display at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Museum in Birmingham.
Hint:     Babe Ruth said, "That man was a master of the bat."
Twint:    He struck out two times in a game only twice in his career.
A:         Joe Sewell (Consecutive G 13‑Sep‑1922 to 30‑Apr‑1930, behind only the 1,307-G streak of Everett Scott [Sewell is now 7th.]; 2‑K Gs 13‑May‑1923 & 26‑May‑1930)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Washington, DC

Q.         Who was the first leadoff hitter to lead the league in walks and batting average in the same season?
Hint:     He recorded 500 or more outfield putouts four times.
Hint:     Leo Durocher once said of him, "He's the fastest man I've ever seen running down to first base."
Twint:    He had the most hits of any player in the 1950s.
A.         Richie Ashburn (97 BB and .350 AVG in 1958; 1949 [514], 1951 [538], 1956 [503], 1957 [502]; 1,875 H 1950-59)
FCR -    David Ramsden, Barcelona, SPAIN

Q.         Who was the first player to go homerless in a season with 500 or more at bats and later hit 30 or more homers?
Hint:     He was the first player to earn $3 million a year.
Hint:     Frank Thomas once said of him, "He never had a bad day.”
Twint:    Before Ichiro Suzuki, he was the last player to lead his league in hits for three consecutive seasons.
A.         Kirby Puckett (0 HR in 557 AB in 1984, 31 HR in 1986; Salary contract signed following the 1989 season; AL H leader 1987-89)
FCR -    David de la Fuente, San Francisco, CA

Q.         Who made his major league debut one week after graduating from high school?
Hint:     He was the youngest player to hit three home runs in a game.
Hint:     He once said, "I wasn't meant to be a superstar.  I'm not Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays."
Twint:    He once unsuccessfully tried to convince his manager that he didn't deserve to start in a World Series.
A.         Al Kaline (Debut 25‑Jun‑1953, Southern High School, Baltimore, MD; 3 HR 17‑Apr‑1955 off Johnny Gray, Bob Spicer & Bob Trice @ 20 yrs 3 mos 28 days; Mgr Mayo Smith 1968 WS)
FCR -    Mark Linneman, Sacramento, CA

Q.         Who is the only player with 100 pitching victories and 2,000 hits?
Hint:     He received a law degree from Columbia University.
Twint:    He formed the first-ever players union.
Twint:    He was the second pitcher in major league history to toss a perfect game.
A.         John M. Ward (Players’ union 164 W and 2,104 H; Perfecto 17‑Jun‑1880)
FCR -    Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, RI

Q.         Who holds the career record for inside-the-park home runs?
Hint:     Ty Cobb broke his record for hits in a season.
Hint:     Although his Hall of Fame plaque says he hit over .400 three times, later research wiped out one of his .400 seasons.
Twint:    He made his major league debut as a pitcher, then collected 2,850 hits in his career.
A.         Jesse Burkett (55 IPHR; Cobb's 248 H in 1911 broke Burkett’s record of 240 in 1896; His 1899 batting average was adjusted to a mere .396)
FCR -    Jim McCoy, Melrose, MA

WEEKLY THEME – Theme: Hall of Famers who played 135 or more games in their final season.

Player          Team                     Games
Ashburn       1962 Mets             135
Brett             1993 Royals          145
Burkett         1905 Americans     148
Kaline           1974 Tigers            147
Mantle          1968 Yankees        144
Puckett        1995 Twins            137
Sandberg     1997 Cubs             135
Sewell          1933 Yankees        135
Ward            1894 Giants           138

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

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