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December 22-28, 2014 Baseball people whose names connote a Christmas holiday theme

Q.         Who was the first player to retire with twenty years of service with the White Sox?
Hint:     He played for no other major league team.
Hint:     He missed the opprobrium of the “Black Sox” by being bedridden with the Spanish flu during the 1919 World Series.
Hint:     He once stole second, third and home (with the winning run) after being intentionally hit by a pitch.
Twint:    He once stole third base in a World Series game with his teammate already on third.
A.         RED FABER (CHW 1914-1933; 3 SB: 14-Jul-1915; Base-running blunder G 2 1917 WS team on base was Buck Weaver)
FCR -    Howard Johnson, Norman, OK
Incorrect answers:  Eddie Collins, Ted Lyons, Buck Weaver, Luke Appling

Q.         Who was the first Jewish player to join the exclusive 30/30 club?
Hint:     He was the first Toronto Blue Jay to lead the American League in doubles and extra bases in the same season.
Hint:     He holds the National League record for the most home runs in a week.
Twint:    He still owns the longest hitting streak for the Blue Jays.
Twint:    Although his face doesn’t appear in baseball-reference’s Top 20 for Dodger franchise WAR, no Dodger has ever hit more home runs in a season.
A.         SHAWN GREEN (35 HR/35 SB 1999; Same year 45 2b & 87 EBH; Hitting streak 28 G 1999; 49 HR for LAD 2001)
FCR -    Tommy Garber, Austin, TX
Incorrect answers:  Hank Greenberg, Howard Johnson, Ryan Braun

Q.         Who was the first to pitch a no-hitter in a Mets uniform?
Hint:     His storied career came to an end eleven weeks later.
Hint:     He won two unanimous Cy Young Awards pitching for his previous team.
Hint:     In those two years he powered his team to division titles with a team that finished 23rd and 19th in MLB attendance.
Twint:    He missed the New York Mets' first regular season game at Citi Field due to the birth of his son.
Twint:    Baseball-Reference shows him with a big smile, proudly wearing his Baltimore Orioles uniform.
A.         JOHAN SANTANA (No-no 01-Jun-2012; Last G 17-Aug-2012; CYA 2004, 2006; Citi Field opener 13-Apr-2009; O’s pix)
FCR -    Scott Schleifer, Suffern, NY
Incorrect answers:  Tom Glavine, Frank Viola, Brett Saberhagen, Nolan Ryan, David Cone, Dwight Gooden

Q.         Who debuted with the Reds in 1983 but was out of the majors less than three years later, having played for two other teams.
Hint:     He shares an alma mater with two famous football coaching brothers.
Twint:    You should answer right now!
A.         STEVE CHRISTMAS (CIN ’83, CHW ’84, CHC ’86; Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan also attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University)
FCR -    Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA
Incorrect answers:  Wayne Krenchicki, Chris Sabo, Deion Sanders

Q.         Who was the first player to hit ten home runs in a calendar week (Sunday-Saturday)?
Hint:     He did it in the span of twenty at-bats.
Hint:     He did it in the “Year of the Pitcher”.
Hint:     He once said, "The distance of every tape-measure home run depends upon your press agent."
Twint:    He outdistanced an eventual Hall of Famer for the Rookie of the Year Award.
A.         FRANK HOWARD (10 HRs 12-18—May—1968; ROY 1960, Ron Santo finished 4th in the voting.)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Ken Harrelson, Harmon Killebrew, Dale Long

Q.         Who holds the record for most home runs in his sophomore season?
Hint:     His fourth home run that year traveled 496 feet in the air.
Hint:     He homered in his first two plate appearances facing Mike Mussina, later that same season.
Twint:    Last month he settled a law suit against his brother Corey, who had been his business manager.
A.         RYAN HOWARD (52 HR in 2006; Long HR 23-Apr-2006, 2nd inning; Mussina blasts 20‑Jun‑2006; Lawsuit[s]            )
FCR -    Geehoon Hong, Bayside, NY
Incorrect answers:  Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Troy Glaus, Frank Thomas, Ralph Kiner

Q.         Who was the first New York Yankee to win a Gold Glove at a position other than outfielder?  [ERROR alert:  Bobby Shantz won the GG @ P in 1957 & Bobby Richardson won the GG @ 2b in 1961]
Hint:     He had played mostly in the outfield before reaching the majors.
Hint:     He hit a home run in his first World Series ab-bat.
Hint:     His team won that game, but not the Series.
Twint:    The Yankees retired his uniform #32 in 1980.
A.         ELSTON HOWARD (GG 1963, 64 [Maris had won in 1960, Mantle in ‘62]; WS HR G 1 1955)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Tom Tresh, Yogi Berra, Snuffy Stirnweiss, Tony Kubek, Graig Nettles, Clete Boyer, Bill Skowron, Gil MacDougald

Q.         Who was the first player to retire with fewer than 1,000 career hits yet more than 1,000 career strikeouts?
Hint:     He was the first player to hit twenty home runs while batting under .220 for three consecutive seasons.
Hint:     His power number kept him in the game.
Twint:    In the minors he beat out Kent Hrbek for a home run title.
Twint:    In a different season, in the minors he beat out Kevin Mitchell for a home run title.
A.         ROB DEER (Ret. 1996 w/853 H, 1,409 K [Since joined by Russell Branyan ret. 2011 w/682 H, 1,118 K]; 20+ HR <.220 1989-91; 230 HR,, 600 RBI; He broke the 30-home-run barrier three times in the minors - in the California League in 1981 he hit 33 long balls (leading the league, beating out Kent Hrbek); in the Texas League in 1983 he hit 35 (leading the league, beating out Kevin Mitchell) and he popped 31 in the Pacific Coast League in 1984 (also leading that circuit)
FCR -    Jim Lovelace, Kent, OH
Incorrect answers:  Dave Kingman, Gorman Thomas, Adam Dunn, Dick Stuart, Ralph Garr

Q.         What shortstop anchored the first St. Louis Cardinals team to lose 100 games in the modern era?
Hint:     He was only a rookie, but he led that team in games played with 150.
Hint:     In his fourteen-year career, that was the only season where he had over 100 games in the majors.
Hint:     Being a minor league manager added seven more years to his time in the pros.
Twint:    He is a member of the International League Hall of Fame.
A.         ED HOLLY (STL 1907 52-101; As mgr.)
FCR -    Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX
Incorrect answers: Dick Schofield, Dal Maxvill

Q:         Whose 4th-inning lead-off home run in the 6th and final game of a World Series helped his franchise secure their first ever championship?
Hint.     He hit a line drive off Denny Neagle's elbow, ending Neagle's ML debut in the 4th inning & sending him to the DL.
Twint:    A veteran Spanish-speaking announcer, he nevertheless recently accepted the post of General Manager of a team in the Dominican League.
Twint:    In 2011, he was enshrined into the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame along with Roberto Alomar, Carlos Baerga and Luis DeLeon.
A.         CANDY MALDONADO (G 6 1992 WS; Neagle hit 27-Jun-1991; GM of Gigantes del Cibao of the Dominican Baseball League.)
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Mike Schmidt, David Justice, Tony Fernandez

Q.         What former Milwaukee Brewer had a breakout performance in this year’s ALCS?
Hint:     His defense had people asking, “Who IS that guy?!”
Twint:    He has won two Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards for outfielders and one Fielding Bible Award.
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Joe Panick, Nori Aoki

Q.         Which MLB commissioner was previously a U.S. senator?
Hint:     His grandson was elected to Congress in 2004.
Hint:     He was the 44th and 49th governor of Kentucky.
Hint:     His optimistic outlook while attending Transylvania College earned him his nickname.
Twint:    His father is said to have rescued his mother from an orphanage and married her when she was fifteen.
A.         HAPPY CHANDLER (Commissioner 1945-61; Grandson Ben Chandler)
FCR -    Bradley Curtis, Roseville, CA
Incorrect answers:  Jim Bunning

Q.         What switch-hitting Curve middle infielder is the one of the first black South Africans to sign a professional baseball contract?
Hint:     He is a fitting ending for this week’s set of questions.
Twint:    The Pirates insist that his signing was not symbolic or a stunt, but that he is a legitimate prospect.
A.         GIFT NGOEPE (
FCR -    Mark Hayne, Dumfries VA
Incorrect answers: 

WEEKLY THEME – Baseball people whose names connote a Christmas holiday theme

Candy Cane

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – David Bender, Washington, DC (After Green)

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