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May 11-17, 2015 Players with five or more Gold Glove Awards who were never All-Stars

Q.         Whose legitimate save in the 2002 postseason never made it to the stats for that game?
Hint:     That save was, however, more memorable than the 314 career saves that this player’s teammate had.
Hint:     That’s not even including their time as Griffin Greats.
Twint:    Going by his initials was easier than always being confused with his famous father.
A.         J.T. SNOW (Saved Dusty Baker’s son Darren at a dangerous play at home plate in G 5 of the 2002 World Series; Teammate Robb Nen was the team’s closer that year; They attended Los Alamitos High School and were teammates there too; First name is Jack, like his father, NFL star and later announcer, Jack Snow.)
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Josh Hamilton, Tim Worrell

Q.         What Chicagoland native was selected by Rawlings as the best fielding first baseman from 1951 to 2000?
Hint:     He was cast in episodes of the television shows “The Brady Bunch”, “Matt Helm,” “McMillan & Wife” and “Police Story”, but was a regular on “All That Glitters”.
Hint:     He also had parts in movies, notably “Pleasure Cove” and “Cry from the Mountain”.
Twint:    His offense as well as his defense helped the Dodgers win the 1965 World Series.
A.         WES PARKER (B. Evanston, IL, Rawlings GG Team)
FCR -    Mike Caragliano, Flushing, NY
Incorrect answers:  Keith Hernandez, Gil Hodges, Mark Grace, Tommy Hutton, Steve Garvey, Dee Fondy, Bill Skowron

Q.         Who was carried off the field by his teammates after the deciding game of the one of the closest series in postseason history?
Hint:     He stole twenty or more bases per season for nine straight years in the majors.
Hint:     He graduated as an Owl after his baseball career, but his son was a Terp.
Hint:     He played well for Giants teams based in four different cities.
Twint:    He sacrificed some of his pro baseball career to fight in the war in Viet Nam.
Twint:    He holds an honorary doctorate from Neumann University.
A.         GARRY MADDOX (1980 NLCS; 20+ SB 1973-80; Graduated from Temple University, son Garry II, though born in Stanford, attended the University of Maryland; Salt Lake City Giants, Fresno Giants, Phoenix Giants & San Francisco Giants; ))
FCR -    Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY
Incorrect answers:  Darryl Strawberry, Marquis Grissom, Jack Morris, Bobby Thomson, Dan Gladden

Q.         What future former Yankee was the last American Leaguer to hit for the cycle in the 20th century?
Hint:     He won his only Silver Slugger Award the same year his infield partner won the American League MVP.
Hint:     Playing for two minor league teams at two different levels and in two countries, he won the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award.
Twint:    He played with teammates who confessed their use of performance enhancing drugs.
A.         ERIC CHAVEZ (Cycle 21-Jun-2000; SS 2002 [MVP Miguel Tejada]; 1998 played for the AA Huntsville Stars & the Edmonton Trappers; Teammates Tejada and Jason Giambi)
FCR -    Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Alfonso Soriano, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Kelly Johnson, Luis Gonzalez, Chris Singleton, Tony Fernandez, Willie Randolph, Robin Ventura, Bob Watson

Q.         Who although playing for them for only 6 of his 11 major league seasons, retired atop his original team’s leaderboard for career stolen bases?
Hint:     Stolen base percentage as well.
Hint:     He played alongside Darrell Evans, Bob Boone, Tony Fernandez and Bobby Grich, but he never played on a team where his teammates didn’t recognize him as the superior fielder.
Twint:    In a famous mix-up by the Topps card company, the picture of his younger brother graced the card with his name in it one year.
A.         GARY PETTIS (186 SB for LAA [Since passed by Chone Figgins]; SB % 79.83 [Since passed by Mike Trout]; Wrong card showing 16-years-old Lynn Pettis)
FCR -    Barry Nelson, Guilderland, NY
Incorrect answers:  Tim Raines, Lance Johnson, Ralph Garr, Harold Reynolds, Vince Coleman, Luis Aparicio

Q.         What eighteen-year-old turned down a football scholarship to ASU because he needed the money baseball offered it immediately?
Hint:     He had just become a father and felt the responsibility.
Hint:     In the majors, he usually batted second, but his first at-bat often came with his team leading 1-0.
Hint:     His cap falling off on great outfield plays became his trademark.
Twint:    His playing career ended with an unsuccessful season in Japan.
A.         DWAYNE MURPHY (With the A’s, he regularly hit right behind Rickey Henderson, MLB’s all-time record holder for leadoff home runs; Played for the Yakult Swallows with Floyd Bannister in 1990)
FCR -    No one
Incorrect answers:  Willie Mays, Dave Winfield, Rick Monday, Garry Maddox, Jim Edmonds

Q.         Who was the San Diego Padres’ original, first-ever expansion draft choice?
Hint:     "Next to Clemente," All-Star teammate Chris Cannizzaro said, "Ollie had the best arm I have ever seen in a right fielder."
Hint:     He was named the Most Valuable Player in the California League the year before he debuted in the majors.
Hint:     He graduated from the same high school attended by Tony Gwynn, Chase Utley, Randy Moffitt and Milton Bradley.
Twint:    He was born in Alabama, but raised in southern California and never experienced racial prejudice until he went to his first minor league assignment in Salem, Virginia.
Twint:    When the team returned to Salem, Ollie Brown told his manager to tell the Giants to move him to another team and location or he would quit baseball.
Twint:    They did and he flourished in Decatur, IL and Fresno, CA.
Twint:    Called “The Original Padre”, his favorite nickname was “Downtown”.
FCR -    Bill Gilbert, Lakeway, TX
Incorrect answers:  Oscar Gamble, Terry Crowley

Q.         Who collected the first ever RBI against the Padres?
Hint:     His fielding was something to crow about.
Hint:     Bill James thought he would be a good manager and he did lead two teams to the postseason.
Hint;     He was the first player to win a Gold Glove Award for the Astros.
Twint:    Landmark book “Ball Four” tells of a particularly scatological prank he pulled.
A.         DOUG RADER (RBI 08-Apr-1969; GG 1970-74; Ball Four reference?  [You’ll have to read the book.])
FCR -    Jack Moore, TX
Incorrect answers:  Bill Virdon, Roger Metzger, Craig Biggio, Art Howe

WEEKLY THEME – Players with five or more Gold Glove Awards who were never All-Stars

Player        GG    Pos     Years
Chavez         6      3b       2001-06
Maddox       8      OF      1975-82
Murphy         6      OF      1980-86
Parker          6      1b       1967-72
Pettis           5      OF      1985, 86, 88-90
Rader           5      3b       1970-75
Snow           6      1b       2000-05

Arenado       2      3b       2013, 14
Cabrera        2      SS      2001, 07
Geronimo     4      OF      1974-77
Hosmer        2      1b       2013, 14
Markakis      2      OF      2011, 14
Matheny       4      C        2000, 03-05
Molina          2      C        2002, 03
Ordonez       3      SS      1997-99
Parra            2      OF      2011, 13
Reese          2      2b       1999, 2000
Simmons      2      SS      2013, 14
Stanley         4      OF      1968-70, 73

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Players whose fathers played professional sports.

Tuesday   -  Slick fielding, light-hitting first basemen
               -  Six-time Gold Glovers
               -  Multi-year NL Gold Glove 1B winners
               -  First basemen who threw left and switch-hit.
               -  NL first basemen with the most Gold Gloves
               -  Switch-hitting 1Bs to win 6 consecutive GGs

Saturday -  Players who played for west coast teams who have won the most Gold Gloves
               -  Multiple gold glove winners who never made all star team

Sunday    -  Players raised in California who won five or more Gold Gloves

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