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June 8-15, 2015 B. Colon over the Orioles in 7 Different Uniforms

Q.         Who is only pitcher to finish his career with a twenty-win season in the 21st century?
Hint:     It was the only twenty-win season of his eighteen-year career.
Hint:     He was the last Oriole to lead the American League in innings pitched.
Twint:    Perhaps he was called “Alces” by fellow scholars at his alma mater.
A.         MIKE MUSSINA (20 W 2008; Career 270-153 W/L; 237.2 IP the 2000 season; “Alces alces” is Latin for “Moose”, attendedStanford University)
FCR -    Barry Nelson, Guilderland, NY
Incorrect answers:  Jon Lieber, Mike Boddiker, Jim Palmer

Q.         Who was the Toronto Blue Jays’ first Cy Young Award winner?
Hint:     Team doctor and former major leaguer Ron Taylor, described him as the “…best physical player I’ve ever examined—easy choice.”
Hint:     He is the only major leaguer to complete the avian trifecta without playing for any other team.
Twint:    He is currently working for the Blue Jays and has twice been their major league pitching coach.
A.         PAT HENTGEN (1996 CYA; Taylor quote in personal conversation with Horsehide Trivia [in his office]; Trifecta: Blue Jays, Orioles, Cardinals)
FCR -    Steven Coleman, Belleville, IL
Incorrect answers:  Dave Stieb, Roger Clemens, Jimmy Key, Roy Halladay, Dave Stewart

Q.         Who trails only Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins for strikeouts in a modern-day season by a Canadian-born pitcher?
Hint:     That season, he set his franchise’s single-season strikeouts-per-nine-innings per nine innings record at 10.93.
Hint:     His team responded by trading him in the off season and his career has been lackluster (34-57) since then, putting in time with five different teams.
Hint:     The players he was traded for, however, have accumulated 3 Gold Gloves, 6 All-Star appearances, 67 pitching wins, 56 saves, a Silver Slugger Award and an Opening Day pitching start.
Twint:   He grew seven inches and gained 30 pounds during the summer between graduating from high school and beginning college.
Twint:   While in college, he added 10 miles per hour to his fastball and gained ANOTHER 30 pounds.
A.         ERIK BEDARD (221 K in 2007 for BAL; February 8, 2008: Traded by the Baltimore Orioles to the Seattle Mariners for Adam Jones, George Sherrill and Chris Tillman [et al]; attended Norwalk High School and Norwalk Community College.)
FCR -    Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers:  Ryan Dempster, Aaron Harang, Jake Peavey, Reggie Cleveland

Q.         Which player was knighted by his queen but later ran afoul of the law there when he hit a judge in a Christmas-day altercation?
Hint:     Later the next season, his major league team then released him.
Hint:     The union then helped him recoup the amount remaining on his contract.
Twint:    He was the winning pitcher for the Netherlands in an upset game of the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic.
A.         SIDNEY PONSON (Released by the Orioles 2005; WBC win 07-Mar-2009)
FCR -    Gregg Bernstein, Oakland, CA
Incorrect answers:  Hensley Meulens, Armando Benitez, Bartolo Colon    

Q.         What pitcher is the only Tide alum to lead either league in winning percentage?
Hint:     His ERA of 16.36 in his first year was NOT indicative of the success he would have later.
Hint:     He has pitched in the postseason three different years for two different teams.
Twint:    He went to his first team when Mark DeRosa left to go to the Chicago Cubs via free agency.
A.         TOMMY HUNTER (13-4, .756 in 2010; High ERA was only for 2 G; Postseason for TEX and BAL; DeRosa went to CHI from HOU.)
FCR -    Jeff Epstein, Dallas, TX
Incorrect answers:  Roy Halladay, Frank Lary, Tim Hudson, Cliff Lee, Jake Peavy, Dwight Gooden

Q.         Who was the Opening Day starting pitcher for last National League team based in Texas in its first year in the American League?
Hint:     He later led the AL in hitting batters the same year that he had his best season in victories.
Hint:     He shares an alma mater with Ozzie Smith.
Hint:     Twenty other players throughout major league history have shared his nickname.
Hint:     Yet none shares the same actual first name (or each other’s).
Twint:    He was the first pitcher in 2012 to strike out four batters in an inning.
A.         BUD NORRIS (31-Mar-2013 [Notice who got the save!]; 14 HBP in 2014, record of 15-8; Cal-Poly; “Bud”; 4 K 3rd inning 24-Apr-2012)
FCR -    Dave Raglin, McLean, VA
Incorrect answers:  Dallas Keuchel, Dick Bosman, Bob Bruce

Q.         Whose breakout season with the Orioles was a pitching record of 16-7?
Hint:     His record at the break was 11-3 and he was chosen for the AL All-Star team.
Hint:     They put the ball in his hand so much the following year, he tied for most games started in the majors.
Hint:     True, it was a ten-way tie, but included in that group were four Cy Young Award winners.
Hint:     He has been the Orioles’ Opening Day starter ever since.
Twint:    He was a minor-league throw-in with the trade that brought Adam Jones to Baltimore from the Mariners in exchange for Erik Bedard.
A.         CHRIS TILLMAN (34 GS in 2014; AS in 2013; OD starter 2014-15; ASG 2013)
FCR -    Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers:  Wei-Yin Chen, Jim Palmer, Mike Timlin

Q.         What pitcher made his major league debut for the Orioles with a start in Chicago on the 4th of July?
Hint:     He had played for the Anchorage Bucs in the Alaska Baseball League in 2004, going 7–0 with a 0.88 ERA.
Hint:     He was a Summer League First-Team All-American starting pitcher that year.
Hint:     He attended Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (two years ahead of Bud Norris), where in his last year he was 12–4 with a 2.71 ERA.
Hint:     In 2005 he was a Big West Conference All-Star starting pitcher.
Twint:    His last year as a professional was in the Korean Baseball Association.
A.         GARRETT OLSON (Debut 04-Jul-2007; Cal Poly; KBA)
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallassee, FL
Incorrect answers:  Casey Fien, Scott Feldman

Q:         Who was the last Oriole pitcher to give up a homer to the "Big Hurt"?
Hint:     It was the final homer of the slugger’s final full season.
Hint:     He also gave up the last home run Dan Uggla hit in Uggla's only Silver Slugger season.
Hint:     During the Yankees last World Series winning season, he gave up homers to Giambi, Damon, Abreu and A-Rod—all in one game.
Twint:    He married a Miami Dolphin cheerleader.
A:         BRIAN BURRES (Frank Thomas HR in 2007, a 3-run HR 25-Sep-2007; Uggla SS 2010;  27-May-2008 won by BAL 10-9; married to Lacie Randall)
FCR -    Rick Tharp, Rockville, MD
Incorrect answers:  Kevin Millwood, Jeremy Guthrie, Cole Hamels, George Sherrill

Q.         Which California native shares his birth city with a Hall of Famer and a Rookie of the Year Award winner?
Hint:     During his one season with the Rangers, he led the whole staff in Win-Loss% (.750) and his ERA of 3.55 trailed only that of the team’s closer.
Hint:     Despite these stats, he was made a free agent and was signed by Cleveland.
Hint:     With the Indians, he went 0-0 in 4 appearances facing only 30 batters.
Twint:    It was the final year of his major league career.
Twint:    He pitched for a year for the LG Twins of the in Korean Baseball Association.
A.         RICK BAUER (B. Garden Grove, CA, other notable natives Bert Blyleven &, Bobby Crosby. [N.B. Scott Carpenter had been listed on Garden Grove’s Wikipedia page—now removed.]; 2006 TEX .750 W-L% & 3.55 ERA in 58 relief appearances; 2008 after playing in the minors in 2007)
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL
Incorrect answers:  Scott Feldman

WEEKLY THEME – The 7 Baltimore Orioles pitchers that lost to Bartolo Colon, is the first pitcher in baseball history to beat one team playing for 7 different teams.  He beat the O’s pitching for LAA, CHW, CLE, NYY, BOS, OAK and NYM)

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Rich Klein, Plano, TX

Losing P.       Game           Colon’s team      Colon In Uniform for the…
Ponson       11-May-1999       CLE                   Indians
Ponson       15-Aug-1999       CLE                   Indians
Mussina      03-Apr-2000        CLE                   Indians           1
Hentgen      18-Apr-2001        CLE                   Indians
Bauer          15-May-2002       CLE                   Indians
Ponson       15-May-2003       CHW                  White Sox      2
Ponson       02-Aug-2005       LAA                    Angels           3
Bedard       24-Aug-2005       LAA                    Angels
Burres         01-Jun-2008        BOS                   Red Sox        4
Olson         11-Jun-2008        BOS                   Red Sox
Tillman        30-Jul-2011         NYY                   Yankees        5
Hunter         28-Jul-2012         OAK                   A’s                6
Norris         05-May-2015       NYM                   Mets              7

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  Orioles opening day starters in the 2000s

Wed        -  Highest paid pitchers each season for the Orioles in the 2000s
               -  Pitchers who pitched for the Baltimore orioles who lost the first game they pitched in the postseason against an expansion team? (And it wasn't for the orioles).

Friday      -  Orioles Opening Day starters at Camden Yards

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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