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June 20-26, 2016 Batters with a postseason home run off Madison Bumgarner

Q. Who was the first MLB player to get 50 RBI in each league in the same season?
Hint: He was the last Met to hit a home run at Shea Stadiuum.
Hint: He was the first to get a hit and to score a run at the new Marlins Park.
- 2004, KCR 51 RBI, HOU 53 RBI
- Final game at Shea, 28-Sep-2008, b6 HR scored Cancel.  Uggla hit the final HR t8
- 04-Apr-2012 Opening Day, t1, single to right, then scored on a single.
FCR - Kevin Epstein, San Antonio, TX
Incorrect answers:  

Q. Who is the only catcher awarded World Series MVP without having hit a single home run?
Hint: So far, he is the only American League catcher batting over .300 this year.
Hint: Though he’s “Itty Bitty”, he’s not really itty bitty.
- 2015 WS MVP .364 BA, .846 OPS, 8 H, 0 HR.  Borders, Dempsey, Porter, Yeager, Bench and Tenace (has the high mark with 4 HR) all had at least one HR.
- As of early 21-Jun-2016, batting .307.  
- Hallmark makes an Itty Bitty Perez doll.  The name belies his 6’3”, 240lb. fram.
FCR - Duncan Crowl, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Q. Which Pirate, currently a regularly starter position player, is the only one to have played in a World Series?
Hint: He is the only position player in the last 30 year to take the WS and a Championship Series MVP.
Hint: He is also the last player to have a triple and a home run in the same game in the World Series.
Hint: In his only career ASG, he had one plate appearance - and one strike out.
- 2011 WS STL
- 2011 MVP and NLCS MVP STL.  Darryl Porter was the prior in 1982.  Several pitchers accomplished this.
- Game 6 2011 WS, b9th game tying 3B, b11 Walkoff HR.
- 2012 ASG t6 inning ending strike out.
FCR - Eugene Schwartz Weston, CT
Incorrect answers:  
Q. Who was the first Braves player ever to be selected to the National League All-Star team in each of his first three full seasons?
Hint: In subsequent seasons he was selected to 4 additional NL All-Star teams all with  the Braves.
Hint: He did so  well  in one of those All-Star games that he was named All-Star game MVP.
Hint: One fine day, he took it upon himself to explain the more delicate points of baseball etiquette to Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez just as Gomez was about to cross the plate completing his home run off Paul Maholm.  Mayhem ensued.
- AS 2006-08
- AS 2009-11, 13
- ASG MVP 2010
- Plate-blocking incident 29-Sep-2013.  It was Gomez’ 67th career homee run.  His 66th came two days earlier and in the same series, a game that McCann did not play in.
FCR - Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
Incorrect answers:  Joe Torre, Eddie Mathews, Javy Lopez, Javier Lopez, Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff, Del Crandall, Dale Murphy, Warren Spahn, Joe Adcock, Bob Horner

Q. Who broke Rickey Henderson’s 18-year-old record for the most home runs in a single season by a BRTL player?
Hint: He accumulated MVP votes, a Silver Slugger Award and a place on the All-Star team and did all that in only one off his 12 major league seasons.
Hint: He starred for Team USA in the 1998 Baseball World Cup, hitting .407/.414/.852 with 8 runs and 7 RBI as the starting right fielder.
Hint: His brother pitched for 4 seasons in the majors.
- He bats right-handed, but throws lefty.  Hit 37 HR in 2008.  Henderson hit 26 in 1990, tying the mark he had set in 1986.
- Played 2002-13 but his big year was 2008
- Brother Eric Ludwick played for 4 franchises 1996-99.
FCR - Morris Buenemann, Florissant, MO
Incorrect answers:  Luis Gonzalez

Q. What 260-pound first baseman had to watch his step in college?
Hint: He was the 2011 Texas League Player of the Year.  A sampling of other players to win that award are: Dizzy Dean, Hank Greenberg, Al Rosen, Bobby Grich, Darryl Strawberry, Johnny Damon and Chase Headley.
Hint: Despite not yet being a starter, he was third in home runs on a team that went to the World Series.
Hint: His teammates call him “Big City” in spite of the fact that his home town boasts a population of only 2,708 souls.
- 17 HR on the 2013 STL, behind only Carlos Beltran and Matt Holiday.  They and 7 other players on that team had more playing time by an average of 34 games.
- His nickname derives from his considerable size and his ability to hit balls “downtown”, not from Phillipsburg, PA.
FCR - Dave Serota., Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers:  Lucas Duda, Brandon Moss, Mitch Moreland, Prince Fielder

Q. What back-up catcher’s NLCS .667 slugging average in 2012 and 2014 helped insure his continued position on a major league roster?
Hint: He was picked in the 26th round of the June Amateur Draft one year, but of the  30 players taken in that round, only 4 ever saw any major league service and he is the only one who has played in the majors every year since he was called up.
Hint: This year, he moved across and then down, but it was not a chess move.
Hint: His pleasant personality might partly explained by the fact that he attended college in Niceville.
- Slugged .667 in
- Drafted in 2007, has played in the majors 2011-2016.
FCR - Steven Coleman, Belleville, IL
Incorrect answers:  David Ross, A.J. Pierzynski, Brandon Miller, Cody Ross

WEEKLY THEME – Batters who hit postseason home runs off Madison Bumgarner

Adams NLCS, G 5, t4, 1R 16-Oct-2014
Beltran NLCS, G 1, t4, 2R 14-Oct-2012
Cruz NLCS, G 5, t4, 1R 16-Oct-2014
Freese NLCS, G 1, t2, 2R 14-Oct-2012
Ludwick NLDS, G 2, t2, 1R 07-Oct-2012
McCann NLDS, G 4, b6, 1R 11-Oct-2010
Perez WS, G 1,  b7, 1R 21-Oct-2014

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday - Last 7 KCR to win SS awards.
- KCR who wore #15

Wed. - World Series MVPs from Missouri

Friday - The last seven batting average leaders in the World Series

Saturday - Players with the most HR's in the I-70 Interleague series

Sunday - Players who have hit a Game 5 postseason home run.

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