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2016-12-05 Pitchers in the Cape Cod League Hall of Fame

Q. Who was the last left-handed Orioles pitcher to have more than 20 wins in a season?
Hint:  He was the first major league pitcher to appear in 40 or more games in a season but have 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 saves.
Hint: He came to the Blue Jays having already won a Cy Young Award.
Hint: He had won the award by an enormous margin, yet it was the only year of his 18-year major league career where he received even a single CYA vote.
- 23-9 in 1979. Steve Stone’s 25 W in 1980 is the only win total higher since then.
- 0-0-0 1992 with BAL, his last season.  9 other pitchers have done it since.
- Had 26 first-place vote to 1 each for Ron Guidry and Tommy John.
FCR - Adrian Fung, Toronto
Incorrect answers:  Stu Miller, Mike Cuellar, Dave McNally, Scott McGregor

Q. Who is the only pitcher to win a Gold Glove Award playing for the New York Mets?
Hint: He was the first major leaguer born in the state of Hawaii.
Hint: He tossed 11 no-hit innings for Yale vs.future World Series MVP Frank Viola & St. Johns University in an NCAA playoff game, only to lose the game in the 12th inning.
Hint: He threw the only pitch that was ever hit completely out of Busch Stadium.
- 1989 GG
- Hawaii admitted to the union 21-Aug-1959; Darling born 19-Aug-1960
- Classic college game 21-May-1981
- Long (foul) ball hit by Mike Laga 15-Sep-1986
FCR - Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Incorrect answers:  Sid Fernandez, Tom Seaver, David Cone, Benny Agbayani

Q. Who is the only Philadelphia Phillies pitcher to with the Rookie of the Year Award?
Hint: He led his team to the pennant one year with a 16-game winning streak.
Hint: In an early acknowledgement of the true statistical value of pitching wins, he attributed the streak to, “... a good bullpen and the breaks”.
Hint: In his first season as a pro, he had signed for no bonus and made extra money by driving the team bus.
- Streak with SFG in 1962, from 17-Jun to 11-Sep.
FCR - Rich Klein, Plano, Texas
Incorrect answers:  Robin Roberts, Jim Konstanty, Tom Underwood, Grover Alexander, Cliff Lee, Jim Bunning

Q. What former minuteman became a fireman and the first Red Sox pitcher to earn 40 saves in a season?
Hint: He became the all-time career leader in saves the following season.
Hint: He was a high school teammate of Orioles’ General Manager Dan Duquette.
Hint: He never was the starter of a single one of the 880 games he pitched in the Bigs.
- 40 S for BOS in 1991
- Passed Rollie Fingers with his 342nd save 15-Jun-1992; Was passed for good by Lee Smith in 1993.
- Attended Wahconah Regional HS, in Dalton, Massachusetts with Duquette
FCR - Doug Greenwald, San Francisco
Incorrect answers:  Dick Radatz, Lee Smith, Tom Gordon, Dennis Eckersley, Jonathan Papelbon, Bob Stanley, Bill Campbell

Q. What Hoosier righty gave up the first of Mark McGwire’s 583 major league home runs?
Hint: In his previous start, he had pitched 8.2 innings of no-hit ball before surrendering a hit.
Hint: He was such a nerd that he attended a university whose mascot is named for a laboratory beaker.
Hint: He was the 1983 AAA International League Pitcher of the Year.
- McGwire HR 25-Aug-1986.
- Near no-no 20-Aug-1986; Slugger Wally Joyner got the lone hit, but the Tigers won.
- An alumnus of Morehead State University, (OK, perhaps not a laboratory beaker, but a fierce-looking eagle with a threatening hooked beak.)
- Was 10-1 for the 1983 IL Tidewater Tides
FCR - Phil Ross, Denver
Incorrect answers:  Alan Benes, Dave Righetti, Jamie Moyer

Q. What pitcher’s total of 18 strikeouts in a game is 4 more than that of any other pitcher in the history of his franchise?
Hint: Scouts compared his early development of that of Ben McDonald whom he later followed into the  Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.
Hint: His 8.25 strikeout-to-walk ratio has been the best National League mark for over a decade.
Hint: Tommy Lasorda attended his wedding.
Hint: His cousin Andy had a 7-year career in the majors.
- 18 K 16-May-2004; 3 tied at 14
- 8.25 K/BB in 2004
- Lasorda was his coach on the 2000 USA Olympic baseball team, where Sheets threw a complete-game shutout in the gold medal game
- Andy Sheets played infield for 5 teams 1996-2002
FCR - Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Incorrect answers:  Kerry Wood, Ron Guidry, Clayton Kershaw, Alan Benes, Tom Seaver, Andy Pettitte

Q. Brian Kenny special:  What qualifier won an ERA title in spite of a 5-9 win-loss record and no saves?
Hint: In his rookie season, he helped his team reach the World Series by leading the league in hit batsmen.
Hint: His daughter was a finalist on “American Idol”.
Hint: For 11 seasons, he did stats with Staats.
- Won NL ERA title with 2.18 in 1988.
- in 1987, he hit 10 batters and finished 3rd in the ROY voting as the Cardinals won the pennant.
- Daughter Shannon competed on the 11th season of “Idol”.
- He was teamed with play-by-play announcer Dewayne Staats from 1998 to 2008 as part of the Tampa Bay Rays television team.
FCR - Michael Green, Las Vegas
Incorrect answers:  Mark Gubicza, Nolan Ryan, Danny Darwin, Randy Johnson, Diego Segui, Kevin Millwood

Q. What reliever began his avian baseball career as an Owl and ended as a Blue Jay?
Hint: He surpassed every major leaguer who has ever played.
Hint: He earned two wins and a save while striking out 15 of the 16 batters he faced, as his team won its first World Series championship.
Hint: Every season he was used in middle relief, he had no saves and ERA’s over 4.00.  In the seasons he was used as a closer, his ERA averaged 2.90 and he had more than 30 saves each season.
- Played college ball for the Rice University Owls.  His major league career ended when Toronto released him without ever playing him.
- His name is alphabetically first. Exactly 18,909 known major leaguers come after him when they are alphabetized.
- Outstanding pitching performance for Rice when they won their first NCAA College World Series in 2003.
- Click here for his pitching record.
FCR - Alex Remington, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Duane Ward, Tom Henke, Mo Drabowsky

THEME FOR THE WEEK - Well-known pitchers inducted to the Cape Cod League Hall of Fame at the JFK Museum in Hyannis, Massachusetts

2000 - Flanagan
2000 - Reardon
2002 - Darling
2005 - Sanford
2007 - Terrell
2008 - Sheets
2009 - Magrane
2010 - Aardsma

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Steve Berman, Bergenfield, New Jersey (after Sheets)
Incorrect theme guesses:
Monday   - Pitchers who shared in no hitters
- Players who played in the last game of a stadium (last pitcher at Memorial stadium)

Wed - Pitchers who grew up in New England and appeared in the World Series

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