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2017-11-20 Living former All-Stars who have reached the age of 91


Q.        Who suffered through a broken finger, pleurisy as well as bruised ribs during the 1958 season, just a year before sitting out the 1959 season on the DL?
Hint:     In fairness, he did play 5 games in ’59, but lost part of a lung that year in a battle with tuberculosis.
Hint:     He suffered a severe eye injury in the Civilian Conservation Corps prior to WWII.
Hint:     He was discharged from the US Army in 1945 due to a shoulder injury and severe eye problems.
Hint:     After 3 seasons in the minors, he played 19 years in the majors and was a major league manager for another 14 years beyond that.
-He also coached in the majors for an additional 18 years not included in the seasons mentioned above.
FCR -  Adam Balutis, Arlington, Virginia
Incorrect answers:  Ralph Houk, Don Zimmer

TUESDAY (Not included in this week’s theme)
Q.        Before the advent of Mike Trout, who was said to be the finest athlete ever to come out of a New Jersey high school?
Hint:     An early turning point for him was when he took the money meant for the purchase of a saxophone and used it to but a baseball glove.
Hint:     He once answered an opposing player’s grand slam in the top of an inning by hitting a grand slam in the bottom of the same inning.
A.         MONTE IRVIN  [SABR Bio]
- Irvin earned 16 varsity letters in four sports at Orange High School in Orange, Jew Jersey.
- Double GS, 6th inning 18-May-1950; first GS hit by the CubsRube Walker
FCR -  Daniel Wilson, St. Paul
Incorrect answers:  Joe Medwick, Larry Doby, Joe Charboneau, Goose Goslin, Willie Wilson, Todd Frazier

Q.        Who was the first National League pitcher to win the Cy Young Award with an ERA over 3.00 that season?
Hint:     All other pitchers, in either league, who received CYA votes that year, had lower ERAs.
Hint:     He hit 12 home runs the year he played in Japan.
- ERA of 3.06 in 1956 playing for BRO, /10.0 votes for the first CYA ever awarded.
- Only one CYA given for both leagues until 1967.
- Others receiving votes were Sal Maglie ERA 2.89  for BRO* [4.0 votes]; Whitey Ford 2.47 ERA [1.0 vote]; and Warren Spahn ERA 2.78 [1.0 vote]
*Began the year w/CLE, pitching a total of 5 innings over 2 games for them
FCR -  Dan Silverberg, Aventura, Florida
Incorrect answers:  Bob Gibson, Jim Lonborg, Vern Law, Early Wynn, Pete Vukovich, Brandon Webb, LaMarr Hoyt

Q.        Who is the only player to win the GG award with 4 different teams?
Hint:     Before Vida Blue in 1971, he was the last left-handed pitcher to have a 20-win season for the A's.
Hint:     He is tied with Willie Mays for a record that can never be broken.
Hint:     His brother once replaced Yogi Berra.
A.         BOBBY SHANTZ  [SABR Bio]
- GG for NYY (1957-60); PIT (1961); HOU (1962) & STL (1963)
- 24-7 in 1952 for PHA
- Only he and Mays won GGs in each of the first 8 years the award was offered (1957-63).  Mays won 5 more (1964-68).
- Billy Shantz was put in at C in place of Berra 29-Jun-1960 in the top of the 9th.  It was his last appearance in the majors and he caught Jim Coates for exactly 4 batters.
FCR -  Dan Silverberg, Aventura, Florida
Incorrect answers:  Bob Welch, Billy Pierce, Joe Torre

Q         Who is the only Pittsburgh Pirate to hit for the cycle twice since Ralph Kiner was a rookie?
Hint:     When John Olerud hit for the cycle a second time, he broke this player's record for the fewest triples of any player who hit for the cycle twice in a career.
Hint:     Maybe rain sooner?  He homered off Spahn and Sain a total of 7 times.
Hint:     Reminiscing about his career, he once told a biographer, “I’m the first white player who ever got hit by a pitch from a black player.  Everyone kind of hesitated when he hit me, there was almost like a hush. It was like, what’s gonna happen next?”
- Westlake had 33 career triples; Olerud had 13*.
- HBP anecdote told to Ed Attanasio in This Great Game:  “But nothing happened and the game went on.  It didn’t matter to me one way or another,” added Westlake.  [P was Dan Bankhead, MLB’s first black pitcher.  G was 26‑Aug-1947, Bankhead’s MLB debut and his only game that year.]
*Both triples in Olerud’s cycles were the only triples he had in each of those seasons.
FCR -  Dan Silverberg, Aventura, Florida
Incorrect answers:  Dick Groat, Hank Sauer, Gus Bell, Ted Kluszewski, Ralph Kiner, Frank Thomas, Joe Garagiola, Danny Murtaugh, Bob Skinner, Dick Stuart

Q.        Who was the first White Sox player to hit a home run over the right field grandstand in Comiskey Park?
Hint:     He hit it off a Hall of Fame pitcher.
Hint:     Yet in high school, he turned down a scholarship to play football for the University of Texas.
Hint:     Ted Williams declared that he “…was the most underrated and best clutch hitter I ever played against.”
Hint:     George Steinbrenner offered him the position of General Manager of the Yankees.  He did not accept, not wanting to uproot his family.
- Off Bob Lemon
- Steinbrenner offer came in 1982, shortly after Robinson’ s 5 years as GM of the Texas Rangers.
FCR -  Rick Tharp, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Incorrect answers:  Ted Kluszewski, Greg Luzinski, Luke Appling, Frank Thomas

Q.        When Joe Torre hit into 4 double plays in one game, whose National League record did he break?
Hint:     He was the Dodgers third baseman when their home stadium moved from Ebbets Field to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum?
Hint:     He shared an unusual first name with a legendary automobile pioneer.
Hint:     He was born in the same city where, just over a decade later, one of the greatest third basemen of all time would be born.
Hint:     He and two teammates once won a game dramatically with three consecutive home runs.
- 3 GIDP 15-Aug-1953 for CHC; Torre’s 4 GIDP 21-Jul-1975
- First name Ransom like Ransom Eli Olds, founder of the Oldsmobile.
- Played for BRO 1956-57 and for LAD in 1958
- Born in Little Rock, Arkansas 10-Feb-1926.  Brooks Robinson was born there too, 12 years later on 18-May-1937.
- 3 HR 29-Jun-1956
FCR -  Mike Sparks, Sarasota
Incorrect answers:  Gil Hodges, Junior Gilliam, Don Hoak, Pee Wee Reese, Dick Groat

Q.        Who was named California Interscholastic Federation Player of the Year in 1942, playing for Pasadena High School for starring in basketball and baseball?
Hint:     He briefly played professional basketball with George Mikan.
Hint:     At the time of his selection to his only MLB All-Star team, he was leading the American League, hitting .366.
Hint:     He was the third base coach for a team that won consecutive division championships in each of the 4 seasons he coached there.
A.         IRV NOREN  [SABR Bio]
- Pasadena High School has additional notable alumni, e.g., George Patton, Howard Hawkes, Jerry Tarkanian, Michael Cooper, Bob Eubanks, Eddie Van Halen and Stan Smith.
- He played for the National Basketball League’s Chicago American Gears in 1946-47.  Scored exactly 1 point before following wise advice to focus on baseball.  Jackie Robinson and George Crowe also played in that league.
- All-Star in the 1954 G.  He replaced Ted Williams in LF in the 9th, but did not get to bat.
- Coached the Oakland A’s 1971-74.  (They won a 5th the following season without him.) Coached the Cubs in 1975.
FCR -  Anthony Zydlewski, Virginia Beach
Incorrect answers:  Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Junior Gilliam, Dave Ricketts, Bobby Doerr, Monte Irvin

WEEKLY THEME – Living former All-Stars who are now at least 91 years old

Player                   Born                All-Star years
Doerr................. 07-Apr-1918........ 1941, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51
Irvin................... 25-Feb-1919....... 1952
Westlake........... 08-Nov-1920....... 1951
Robinson........... 15-Dec-1920....... 1949, 51, 52, 53
Schoendienst.... 02-Feb-1923....... 1946, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54,55, 57
Noren................ 29-Nov-1924....... 1954
Shantz............... 26-Sep-1925....... 1951, 52, 57
Jackson............. 10-Feb-1926....... 1954, 55
Newcombe........ 14-Jun-1926....... 1949, 50, 51, 55                                    

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme –  ¯\_( ” )_/¯

Incorrect theme guesses:

Friday     -  Oldest living players to appear in a World Series

Sat          -  Oldest living all stars

Sunday   -  Oldest living former All-Star players now that Bobby Doerr has passed
               -  Living players over 90 who played at least 10 years in the major leagues
               -  All-Star players who also coached and scouted AND who served in the U.S. military

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