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December 16-22, 2013 Cities whose MLB franchises have each won exactly one World Series

This week’s theme and questions were provided by David Berard of Mount Ranier, Maryland.

Q.         What city started the tradition of having the Chief Executive throw out the first ball of the opening season?
Hint:     Though an AL city for more than 70 years, it has also served brief stints in the NL, including now.
Hint:     A team in Texas allegedly holds the copyright or legal rights to one of their team's former nicknames.
Addint: This city, though important, endured a 33-season hiatus from MLB.
A.         Washington, DC (President William Howard Taft threw out first pitch in 1910;
Washington Nationals in the National League 1886-89 [WHS],
Washington Senators in the National League 1891-99 [WHS],
Washington Senators/Nationals in the American League 1901-60 [WSH],
Washington Senators in the American League 1961-71 [WSA] &
Washington Nationals in the National League 2005-present [WSN];
            Rangers own the name “Senators”)
FCR -    PJ Shelley, Louisville, KY
Most common incorrect answer:  DC, William Howard Taft, New York, Philadelphia

Q.         What city served under the name of another city's borough?
Hint:     This city is the largest city to ever become part of another city.
Hint:     This city's name was the butt of many jokes in vaudeville and old-time comedy movies.
Addint: An NBA franchise now uses this city's name.
A.         Brooklyn, NY (1 of the 5 boroughs of New York City since 1898 adding a population of 1,000,000; Brooklyn jokes; Brooklyn Nets)
FCR -    Max Burgess, Houston, TX
MCIA:   New York, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Oakland

Q.         What city had a World Series winner in just their fifth season after their team moved in from another town?
Hint:     This city was advertised as being made famous by a brand of beer.
Hint:     This city served briefly in the AA, then briefly in the AL, then briefly in the NL again, then in the AL and now in the NL.
Addint: This city has thrice elected Socialist mayors.
A.         Milwaukee, WI (Moved from Boston to Milwaukee after the 1952 season; Schlitz, ”The beer that made Milwaukee famous”; 1891 Milwaukee Brewers in the American Association, 1901 Milwaukee Brewers in the American League; 1953-1965 Milwaukee Braves in the National League, 1970-1997 Milwaukee Brewers in the American League & Milwaukee Brewers 1998-present; Mayors:  Emil Seidel 1910-12, Daniel Hoan 1916-40 & Frank Zeidler 1948-60)
FCR -    Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
MCIA:   Los Angeles, Denver

Q.         What city endured one of the shortest hiatuses in MLB history, going just one year between leaving and arriving franchises?
Hint:     It’s famous for its ribs and perennial regal champs.
Addint: In a major upset, this city’s team defeated its cross-state rivals in the "Show-Me" Series.
Addint: One of MLB's greatest managers hailed from this town, and made up his name from the city's initials.
Addint: Wilbert Harrison performed a song with this city's name that serves as an unofficial anthem and is often played at the ballpark during games.
A.         Kansas City, MO (City lost the A’s to Oakland after the 1967 season but gained the expansion Royals for Missouri’s largest metropolitan area; A plethora or barbecue restaurants populate the area and the Kansas City Monarchs won 10 Negro League championships before integration including the first Negro League World Series in 1924; The Royals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985 World Series, 4 G to 3, Missourians are reputed to have a deep mistrust of things generally and want to be shown instead of just sold; Charles Dillon Stengel became known as Casey (K.C.) because it was his home town; Harrison’s song is simply titled “Kansas City”.)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, San Diego, CA
MCIA:   Louisville. Los Angeles, Seattle, St. Louis

Q.         What city won the World Series one fall then hosted the Summer Olympics within less than a year?
Hint:     This city's team was the first to telecast games on a nationwide cable TV channel.
Addint: This city once actually had a minor league team called the "Crackers".
Addint: This city's franchise is the only one to win the modern World Series representing 3 different cities.
A.         Atlanta, GA (1996 Olympic Games; TBS first aired Braves games in 1973; Boston Braves won the 1914 WS, the Milwaukee Braves won in 1957 & the Atlanta Braves won in 1995)
FCR -    Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY
MCIA:   “not sure”, Los Angeles, New York Mets

Q.         What team’s home state is the southernmost in the Mountain Time Zone?
Hint:     A tragic socio-political event delayed their Series appearance so late, one of the opposition players was referred to as "Mr. November".
Addint: The team nickname is the only one in MLB that represents a reptile.
Addint: Stellar play by former Florida Marlin Craig Counsell helped them win a World Series.
A.         Arizona [Phoenix] (The attacks of 9-11 caused the postseason delay, Derek Jeter was “Mr. November”; Diamondback [“D-Back”] is a poisonous snake, native to the Southwest
FCR -    Doug Wilkins, San Francisco, CA
MCIA:   Denver, Texas, Rockies

Q.         What city, though in a heavily-Hispanic area, has a name of German origin?
Hint:     This team's nickname made it the perfect franchise to replace Pittsburgh in a 1994 remake of a 1951 classic baseball movie.
Addint: This team has had four official names, and its current one is reminiscent of the local NHL franchise.
Addint: This city's team was first owned by a famous singing cowboy actor.
A.         Anaheim, CA (According to Wikipedia, Anaheim means "home by the Santa Anna River" in German; “Angels in the Outfield”, 1951 & 1994; 1. Los Angeles Angels, 2. California Angels, 3. Anaheim Angels, 4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Original owner was Gene Autry)
FCR -    Dave Johnson, Swarthmore, PA
MCIA:   Denver, Lukenbach, Los Angeles, Cleveland

WEEKLY THEME – Cities whose MLB franchises have each won exactly one World Series

Anaheim          2002 Angels
Arizona            2001 Diamondbacks
Atlanta            1995 Braves
Brooklyn         1955 Dodgers
Milwaukee       1957 Braves

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Kellen Nielson, Blanding, UT (after the Tuesday question)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -    Cities that had teams, lost them, then got them back.
               -    Cities that have had teams in more than one major league, but not at the same time (since we don't want to include New York, Chicago, etc.)
               -    Franchises that have located in more than one city.
               -    Cities represented in the original National League?  Or Federal League?
               -    All are cities with teams in the American Association major league. (In this case, Washington Statesmen, 1891)
Tuesday   -    Teams which hosted major league cities and then lost them.
               -    Clearly involves cities where teams left to go elsewhere.
               -    Cities that lost a team but gained another team.
               -    Cities that baseball teams have left.
               -    Cities that lost franchises
               -    Cities who have had two or more nicknames for their baseball team.
               -    Cities that lost their major league teams to another city and that transferred franchise is still active
Wednesday - Teams managed by Chuck Dressen
Friday      -    Cities that had Negro League teams

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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