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December 9-15, 2013 Retired players who won the ROY, a MVP, but are not in the Hall of Fame.

Q.         Who once guaranteed he would hit forty homers and steal forty bases in the upcoming seasons—unaware that it had never been accomplished?
Hint:     He accomplished it and became the first unanimous MVP in almost a decade.
Hint:     In honor of this feat, his former high school named the street in front of it after him.
Addint: They later rescinded that change.
Addint: His twin once signed a ball for me but then became angry because I had mistaken him for his brother.
A.         Jose Canseco (Guarantee April 1988,42 HR 40 SB, MVP 1988 [Mike Schmidt unanimous MVP in 1980]; Street 04‑Oct‑1998 to 07‑Oct‑2008, Street name changes @ Miami Coral Park Senior High)
FCR -    Tim McCarthy, Washington, DC
Most common incorrect answer:  Bobby Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Darryl Strawberry, Andre Dawson, Orlando Cepeda

Q.         Which player is considered the original test case of Bill James’ methodology to help predict player performance?
Hint:     Despite this prediction, he was traded by the Red Sox in what many consider the most lopsided trade since sending the Babe to the Yankees.
Hint:     He once hit a home run that had been requested by a young bone cancer victim, pointing to him as he rounded third base.
Addint: He played his entire 15 year career with one franchise, and is their career leader in position player WAR, Home Runs, RBI, Walks, Sacrifice Flies and Intentional Walks.
A.         Jeff Bagwell (James predicted future success for Bagwell prior to his rookie season; 2002 ESPN readers voted it the 2nd-worst trade in sports history; Stephen Rael made the request before the game 27-Aug-2002; HOU franchise batting records)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD
MCIA:  Fred Lynn, Tris Speaker, Wade Boggs, Carl Crawford, Sparky Lyle, Kevin Youkilis

Q.         Who, as a high school senior on a California All-Star team, once faced University of Southern California pitcher Dave Kingman?
Hint:     He walked on four pitches which prompted USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux to comment, “I liked the way you hung in there.”
Hint:     He went on to play with USC, winning the NCAA Baseball Championship all three years he played with the Trojans.
Hint:     In his first World Series, he was on deck when Carlton Fisk waved his homer “fair”.
Addint: He was the older of the Gold Dust Twins.
A.         Fred Lynn (SABR bio, El Monte High School star; Game 6 walk-off 21-Oct-1975; Dubbed the Gold Dust Twins by Pete Gammon [Lynn is a year senior to Rice.])
FCR -    Andy McCue, Riverside, CA
MCIA:  Dwight Evans, Bernie Carbo, Butch Hobson

Q.         Who was the first American League Rookie of the Year born in Ohio?
Hint:     His first hit in the majors came off future teammate Catfish Hunter.
Hint:     His committed one error in 615 chances in his second full season as the result of a collision at home plate that knocked him unconscious.
Addint: The winter after his debut season, he played with Roberto Clemente as a San Juan Crabber.
A.         Thurman Munson (ROY 1970, Akron, OH; Chris Chambliss from Columbus won the very next year; 08-Aug-1969 debut, bottom 7th single; Andy Etchebarren collision 18‑Jun‑1971 bottom 3rd)
FCR -    Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
MCIA:  Ray Fosse, Gene Tenace, Ron Hansen

Q.         Of whom did Kansas City Royals General Manager Joe Burke say “I wouldn’t take him if you paid me $10,000”?
Hint:     Charles Finley once suspended him from the team for taking a shower during the 6th inning of a game in which he was still eligible to play.
Hint:     His OPS+ during his peak performing years of 1964-1972 leads all other players during that span.
Addint: Despite a reputation as a divisive clubhouse figure, Mike Schmidt credits him with being an outstanding mentor.
Addint: Bolstered by a chat with this player, Schmidt went out and hit four home runs that day.
Addint: He once said “I can play anywhere.  First, Third, Left field—anywhere but Philadelphia!”
Addint: He is an accomplished equestrian and was during his playing days.
A.         Dick Allen* (Burke quoted in Bill James’ book The Politics of Glory; Suspended in his last season on 06‑Jun‑1977 though Finley later forgave him; OPS+ 164; Conversation with Schmidt; Schmidt 4 HRs 17‑Apr‑1976)
*His name is not “Richie”.
            Allen's innate pugnacity made his change seem like a petty request.  It was anything but.  He had never been called anything by Dick and no one in the Phillies' press corps (or team management) bothered to ask him what he was called.  He was too new to the Bigs to change it early, so it became a big deal when he finally insisted on it.  He had won the Rookie of the Year as Richie and everyone--Topps, BWAA, et al--didn't want to admit they'd not done their homework to begin with.  No one who knows him personally has ever called him anything but Dick.
FCR - Alex Poterack, Providence, RI
MCIA: Joe Rudi, Mike Epstein, Ken Harrelson, Rickey Henderson

Q.         Who was the first black player to win the Cy Young Award?
Hint:     His 27 wins that year has not been exceeded since by any National League pitcher.
Hint:     In his first World Series appearance, he threw eight innings of shutout ball only to take the 1-0 loss as he gave up a walk-off homer to the leadoff batter in the bottom of the 9th.
Addint: In 1951, he won 20 games before going into the military for two full seasons.
A.         Don Newcombe (First CY ever awarded, 1956; 27 W tied by Koufax in 1966 and Carlton in 1972; Tommy Henrich hit HR in Game 1 1949 WS)
FCR -    Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
MCIA:  Juan Marichal, Bob Gibson, Ferguson Jenkins, Joe Black, Vida Blue

Q.         Who holds the record for seasons leading his league in times on base?
Hint:     He also holds the record for most times leading his league in plate appearances.
Twint:    His career records include most games played, most plate appearances, most at bats and, oh… by the way—the most hits.
A.         Pete Rose (Led TOB 9 times and PA 7 times; 4,256 H)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
MCIA:  Rickey Henderson, Barry Bonds, Richie Ashburn, Ichiro Suzuki, Ty Cobb, Willie Wilson

WEEKLY THEME – Retired players who won the Rookie of the Year Award, a Most Valuable Player Award, but are not in the Hall of Fame.

Player            ROY             MVP         Hall Eligible
Allen              1964 NL        1972 AL        1984
Bagwell          1991 NL        1994 NL        2011
Canseco        1986 AL        1988 AL        2007
Lynn              1975 AL        1975 AL        1996
Munson         1970 AL        1976 AL        1981
Newcombe     1949 NL        1956 NL        1966
Rose             1963 NL        1973 NL          ~

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Rick Brody, Austin, TX (after the Bagwell question)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday                  - Ballplayers turned authors.
                              - Steroid abusers
                              - Wife beaters
                              - Madonna’s men

Tuesday                  - Players who won a rookie of the year award and MVP award
                              - Players invited to participate in the 1999 home run derby
                              - Rookies of the Year who won MVP before playing 600 games?
                              - …1000 games?
                              -     Players with the most home runs

Wednesday             - Players who won ROY and MVP but are not in the HOF

Thursday                 - All Stars, MVPs, Gold Glove winners and not (yet) in the Hall of Fame.

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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