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January 13-19, 2014 Pitchers charged with five Wild Pitches in one game (post dead-ball era)

Q.         Whose lone Cy Young Award vote prevented Tom Seaver from winning it unanimously?
Hint:     It wasn’t the only such vote of his career—he would garner votes in four additional seasons.
Hint:     He won five Gold Glove Awards and was the last Brave to win one prior to Greg Maddux’s streak of thirteen consecutive.
Hint:     You can’t just file him away with his brother.
Twint:    He got the save in his first All-Star game, a game that saw Steve Carlton get his only ASG win.
A.         Phil Niekro (1969 CYA vote; GG 1983, Maddux streak 1990-20002; Brother Joe was caught on the mound with a nail file.  [He’d win another 5 after that.]; 1969 ASG)
FCR -    Saul Wisnia, Newton Center, MA
Incorrect answers:  Joe Niekro, Bruce Sutter, Gaylord Perry, Hank Aaron, Frank Torre

Q.         Which player who attended Brigham Young University played the most seasons in the majors?
Hint:     He led the majors in wins during the strike shortened 1981 season pitching for a 3rd place team (overall standings).
Hint:     Ironically, his last season in the majors was 1994 as he was released by the Indians three days prior to the end of the strike shortened season.
Twint:    Along with Sandy Koufax, they are the only two players to twice win the Babe Ruth Award.
A.         Jack Morris (18 seasons; DET finished 3rd; Final game 07-Aug-1994; Babe Ruth Award 1984 and ’91)
FCR -    Gary Sarnoff, Arlington, VA
Incorrect answers:  Garth Iorg, Danny Ainge, Bruce Hurst, Rick Aguilera, Ed Figueroa, Dave Stieb, Vern Law

Q.         What pitcher tied a 1954 record with fifteen strikeouts in his major league debut?
Hint:     He was the first Astros pitcher to start the All-Star Game.
Hint:     He tied a mark of two consecutive seasons with 300 strikeouts achieved at that time only by Rube Waddell, Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan.
Twint:    Joe Morgan said of him "He had the greatest stuff I have ever seen and it still gives me goosebumps to think of what he might have become."
A.            J. R. Richard (05-Sep-1971, tied Karl Spooner’s 15 K 22‑Sep‑1954; 1980 ASG; 300 K consecutive season also done by Curt Schilling 1997-98, and Randy Johnson 1999-2001; Morgan quote)
FCR -    Joe Thompson, Splendora, TX
Incorrect answers:  Mike Scott, Don Wilson, Karl Spooner, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan

Q.         Which Venezuelan pitching prospect was traded to Seattle in the deal that brought the Big Unit to Houston?
Hint:     In his rookie season with the Mariners, he finished second to Carlos Beltran for Rookie of the Year honors.
Hint:     Ironically, he would later win the World Series clinching game against the Astros, while Randy Johnson had appeared in only eleven games for the club.
Twint:    In a nice twist of fate, he won his first career start against the Pale Hose, four seasons prior to being traded to them.
A.         Freddy Garcia (31-Jul-1998 trade deadline deal; 1999 ROY vote; Game 4 2005 WS CWS defeat HOU; 1999 ROY voting; Debut; 07-Apr-1999)
FCR -    Dan Silverberg, Aventura, FL
Incorrect answers:  Alex Fernandez, Carlos Guillen

Q.         Who was the last Detroit Tiger to lead the majors in wins before Justin Verlander?
Hint:     He established the rookie record of eighteen strikeouts in a game, not broken until years later by Kerry Wood.
Twint:    He was diagnosed with Type I, insulin-dependent diabetes during spring training of his rookie year.
Twint:    In Japan the medical community named an inspirational award after him.
A.         Bill Gullickson (1991, 20 W tied with 3 others; 18 Ks 1980, Kerry Woods 20K 1998; Since 1998, the Japan Diabetes Mellitus Society (JADMC) has placed the "Gullickson Award" for the patient who is deemed a superior influence on society.)
FCR -    Steve Bonfield, Calgary, AB
Incorrect answers:  Mark Fidrych, Denny McLain, Mickey Lolich, Hal Newhouser, Jack Morris, Jim Bunning, Herb Scorer

Q.         Who set the record for a nine-inning shutout by allowing fourteen hits?
Hint:     He was the last rookie pitcher in the modern era to lead his league with at least 20 wins.
Hint:     He led the majors six times in wild pitches – three times each with different National League teams.
Twint:    In his first major league start, a Zack Wheat liner injured his hand, leading him to change his pitching style for that winning rookie season.
Twint:    After Vean Gregg, he was the next pitcher to win 20 games in each of his first three seasons exclusively in the modern era.
A.         Larry Cheney (ShO 14‑Sep‑1914 [This feat was equaled by Milt Gaston 10‑Jul‑1928.]; 26 W for the 1912 Cubs.  Just the previous season Pete Alexander had 28 W in 1911 for the Phillies; WP 1912-14 CHC, 1916-18 BRO; He changed to an overhand spitter and knuckler as a result of the injury; 1911-13 Gregg, 1912-14 Cheney)
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Brad Radke, Jim Maloney, Milt Gaston, Bob Newsome, Eddie Lopat, Christy Mathewson, Tom Browning

Q.         Who is the current (2013) assistant pitching coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers?
Hint:     As the Dodger’s bullpen coach from 2008-12, their pen had a 3.49 ERA.
Hint:     They also led the National League in opponents’ batting average of .234 and 137 wins.
Twint:    He spent five seasons as a Dodger pitcher mainly as a reliever, finishing with an 18-29 record with 31 saves in 302.2 innings pitched.
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Rick Honeycutt, Red Adams, Mike Harkey

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers charged with five Wild Pitches in one game (post dead-ball era).

Hurler           Game
Cheney          09-Jul-1918
Richard           10-Apr-1979
Niekro            04-Aug-1979;
Morris             03-Aug-1987
Howell            05-Apr-1989
Garcia             10-Apr-2012

First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeSteve Schwartz, Chico, CA (after Wed Q.)

Incorrect theme guesses:

               -  Pitchers who have won 2 games in a single World Series

Friday      -  CY award winners with winning % less than .600

Sunday    -  Pitchers who led the league in wild pitches

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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