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January 6-12, 2014 Stadiums that hosted Major League games for 60 seasons

Q.         At which stadium did Carlton Fisk hit his "Body-English" home run?
Hint:     Carl Yastrzemski made his major league debut there.
Hint:     This was the only stadium at which Ted Williams pitched in the majors.
Addint: It is the Monster’s home and The Monster pitched there.
A.         Fenway Park (Fisk HR 1975 WS Game 6; Yaz debut 11-Apr-1961; Williams pitched 24-Aug-1940; Green Monster in LF, Dick Radatz pitched for BOS 1962-66)
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR
Most common incorrect answers:  Crossley Field (sic)

Q.         Where was "The Shot" called (and shot)?
Hint:     It also hosted "The Homer in the Gloamin'".
Hint:     Stan Musial got his 3,000th hit there.
Addint: It was the site of Kerry Wood's 20-K game.
Addint: They had TWO "official" first night games played there.
A.         Wrigley Field (Ruth's Called Shot HR 1932 WS Game 3; Hartnett's late HR 28-Sep-1938; Musial’s 3,000th 13-May-1958, a 6th-inning PH 2B; Wood's 20 Ks 06-May-1998; 1st night game 08-Aug-1988 [Cubs vs. Phillies] was rained out in the 4th so the 1st official night game went into the books on 09-Aug-1988 [Cubs vs. Mets])
FCR -    Dan Silverberg, Aventura, FL
Most common incorrect answers:  The Polo Grounds, Ebbetts Field, Crosley Field, Dodger Stadium, Forbes Field

Q.         Where did Babe Ruth hit his 700th home run?
Hint:     Spectators there witnessed the final game of Lou Gehrig's 2,130 consecutive-game streak.  N.B.  Bad editing got us this wording.  Actually, spectators there saw the first game AFTER the streak, the first game Gehrig didn't play.
Hint:     The mythical Joe Hardy debuted there with game-winning home runs in both ends of a double header.  [Ya gotta have heart!]
Hint:     The last hit at the stadium was also the last home run, grand slam and RBI there.
Addint: Reggie Jackson hit the light tower, but there was no Hobbs-esque explosion.
A.         Navin Field [Briggs Stadium, Tiger Stadium] (Ruth’s 700th 13-Jul-1934; Gehrig’s voluntary benching 02-May-1939; Hardy from Damn Yankees; Robert Fick's 8th inning GS HR 27-Sep-1999; Jackson’s All‑Star HR 13-Jul-1971, Hobbs)
FCR -    Marc Kell, Columbia, MD
Most common incorrect answers:  Fenway Park, Griffith Stadium [Would have been correct if based solely on the original incorrect wording of the first Hint], Yankee Stadium, Forbes Field

Q.         Which stadium was the site of the first six-pitcher no-hitter?
Hint:     It was the first stadium to host a major league game in November.
Hint:     Billy Joel performed the first rock concert there on 22-Jun-1990.
Addint: Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run there in 1927 and Roger Maris hit his 61st home run there in 1961.
A.         Yankee Stadium I (Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel & Billy Wagner no-hit NYA on 11-Jun-2003; 2001 WS G 4 ended on Derek Jeter's walk-off HR just after midnight of 31-Oct-to-01-Nov-2001; Ruth's 60th 30-Sep-1927; Maris' 61st 01-Oct-1961
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Most common incorrect answers:  Comiskey Park, Mets, Safeco, Astrodome, Memorial Stadium, Oakland Alameda Coliseum

Q.         At which stadium did Mule Suttles hit the first Negro League All-Star home run?
Hint:     It hosted the Negro League East-West All-Star Game each year from 1933-57.
Hint:     Of the nine cycles hit there, only one was hit by a home team player.
Addint: Luke Appling and Nellie Fox each played more than 1,000 games there.
Addint: It hosted the first major league All-Star Game three months before the first Negro League East-West All-Star Game.
A.         Comiskey Park I (Suttles HR in the 1933 NL E-W AS G 10-Sep-1933; NL E-WA SG [N.B. during some seasons a second NL E-W ASG was played in another city]; Appling played 1,224 G @ Comiskey, Fox played 1,071 there; Cycles by visitors Baby Doll Jacobson 17‑Apr‑1924, Roy Carlyle 21‑Jul‑1925 [G1], Mickey Vernon 19-May-1946 [G2], Joe DiMaggio 20‑May‑1948, Elmer Valo 02-Aug-1950, Brooks Robinson 15‑Jul‑1960, Lyman Bostock 24-Jul-1976, & Robin Yount 12-Jun-1988 and home team Carlton Fisk 16‑May‑1984; 1st ML  ASG 06‑Jul‑1933)
FCR -    David Ramsden, Barcelona, Spain
Most common incorrect answers:  Forbes Field, Griffith Stadium, Newark, Polo Grounds Wrigley Field

Q.         Which stadium was the site of the first two American League four-home-run games?
Hint:     It was the only stadium in which an American League player had more than 10 RBI in a game.
Hint:     Doc Powers was said to have suffered a fatal injury during the first game played there.
Hint:     It was the home of a 50-foot "Spite Fence".
Addint: Al Simmons had exactly 1,000 career hits there.
A.         Shibe Park (Lou Gehrig’s 4-HR game 03-Jun-1932, Pat Seerey's 18-Jul-1948 [G1]; Tony Lazzeri's 11-RBI game 24-May-1936; Powers crashed into the wall on 12-Apr-1909 and died two weeks later; Ben Shibe erected what became known as "Connie Mack's Spite Fence" prior to 1935 season to curtail easy of play from adjacent buildings)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers include:  Tiger Stadium, Sportsman's Park, Cleveland Stadium, Baker Bowl

Q.         Which stadium hosted the first major league game broadcast on the radio?
Hint:     It was the site of the first major league game featuring both Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb.
Hint:     Josh Gibson made his Negro League debut there in 1930.
Hint:     It was the site of the last major league triple header.
Hint:     Wilbur Cooper is the career wins leader at the park.
Addint: If you want to reach Father John, you'll need to know the name of this park.
Addint: It was the site of the first World Series-clinching walk-off home run.
A.         Forbes Field (KDKA broadcast 05-Aug-1921; Cobb & Wagner first faced each other in 1909 WS Game 1; PIT vs. CIN TH 02-Oct-1920 G1, G2 & G3; Cooper had 103 W in 233 games there; Maz's HR 1960 WS Game 7; noted Pirate fan Fr. John Hissrich uses the stadium name as part of his email address)
FCR -    Charlie Vascellaro, Baltimore, MD
Incorrect answers include:  Briggs Stadium, Redland Field, Ebbetts Field, Bennett Park, Crosley Field, Shibe Park

Q.         *What stadium was the site of Ted Williams' only inside the park home run?
Hint:     Lefty Grove pitched a four-hit shutout in the first game played there.
Hint:  In his rookie season, Leon Culberson hit the last cycle in that venue.
Addint: Miguel Dilone got a hit in 27 consecutive games at the stadium.
Addint: Len Barker pitched the only perfect game there.
Addint: It’s the only American League venue to host 75,000 fans for a World Series game.
A.         Cleveland Stadium [Municipal Stadium] (WS 75K 3 times: 1948 WS Game 4, 1948 WS Game 5, 1954 WS Game 4; 1st game 31-Jul-1932; Williams' IPHR 13-Sep-1946, clinching the AL pennant for the Sawks; Dilone's streak 06-Jul-1980 to 31-Aug-1980 [G1]; Barker's gem 15-May-1981); 03‑Jul‑1943
FCR -    Andrew Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA
Incorrect answers include:  Shibe Park, Sportsman's Park, Briggs Stadium

*Sunday's question had an error that several readers spotted.  Ted Williams' ITPHR was hit in League Park IV in Cleveland, where the Indians sometimes hosted games even though Municipal Stadium had been in use for several years.

WEEKLY THEME – Stadiums that hosted Major League games for 60 seasons.

Venue                           Tenure           #of seasons
Fenway Park              1912—2013           102
Wrigley Field              1914—2013           100
Tiger Stadium             1912—1999            88
Yankee Stadium I       1923—1973
                                 1976—2008            83
Comiskey Park I         1910—1990            81
Shibe Park                 1909—1970            62
Forbes Field              1909—1970            62
Cleveland Stadium     1932—1933
                             &  1936—1993            60

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Kevin Johnson of Broken Arrow, (after the Tue. Q.)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Ball parks of the 'original' (1903-1960) franchises
               -  Ballparks that existed before a certain date, say 1980.
               -  Stadiums named after owners
               -  Ballparks built in the twentieth century still used by their original teams today.
               -  Ballparks that housed two different major league teams at the same time.
               -  Parks to host a world series, ASG in same year

Tuesday   -  Parks built in the 1910s
               -  The oldest parks still be used in the Majors
               -  Oldest major league ball parks in use
               -  Ballparks that have hosted teams in two major leagues
               -  Smallest capacity major league baseball stadiums
               -  Last ballparks to get lights
               -  Ballparks built in first half of twentieth century
               -  Venues for at least 3 All‑Star Games
               -  Stadiums used by more than one major league team
               -  Ball parks built before 1990
               -  Stadium trivia so easy everyone but my daughter knows the answers
               -  The last stadia to get lights
               -  The 15 stadia that served the "original 16" franchises of the 1930s/50s before franchise shifts began in earnest
               -  Stadiums built with steel-beam and concrete construction
               -  Structures designed by Osborn Engineering

               -  Jewel box baseball parks
               -  Ball parks where pre expansion teams played
               -  Ballparks used for many years
               -  Hosting multiple All-Star Games
               -  Ballparks associated with events of a particular era in the past, e.g. World Series in the 1940s
               -  Ballparks built in the 1910s
               -  Ballparks hosted the most games played
               -  Parks with the lowest seating capacity
               -  Stadiums built before World War II
               -  All parks in which Buck Harris managed

Thursday  -  Natural grass stadiums to host MLB and NFL teams the same year
               -  Baseball parks used by pre-expansion teams
               -  Stadiums home to professional baseball and NFL teams
               -  Stadiums built in residential neighborhoods

Friday      -  Ballparks to host nfl games
               -  Baseball Parks designed by Zachary Taylor Davis
               -  Parks that hosted Negro and mlb all star games
               -  First American League steel and concrete ballparks

Saturday  -  MLB parks built 1910-1020
               -  Stadiums built on existing city blocks

Sunday    -  Parks to host at least two ws and asgs

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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