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October 13-19, 2014 Twenty or more home runs; twenty or fewer strikeouts in the same season

Q.         Who is the only person to play for and manage both the Yankees and the Mets?
Hint:     As a manager, he even took both of them to the postseason.
Hint:     If his nickname had been bestowed forty years later, we might call him “Yoda” and Hanna-Barbera would have had to dig deeper.
Twint:    He and my father were both in uniform against the same opponent on 06-Jun-1944.
Twint:    "I'm not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia.  Let ‘em walk to school like I did."
A.         YOGI BERRA (Played NYY 1946-63, NYM 1964, Managed NYY 1964, 1984-85, NYM 1972-75; Postseason w/NYY 1964, NYM 1973; Cartoon character Yogi Bear, introduced in 1958 was almost certainly named to take advantage of Berra’s popularity in spite of claims to the contrary; Allied forces invaded Normandy, France on D-Day, Berra was Navy, Doug Brown was Army; Berra is no doubt the most quoted and most quotable player of all time.)
FCR -    Doug Wilkins, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Joe Torre, Bill Virdon, Casey Stengel

Q.         Who was the New York Yankees’ last player/manager?
Hint:     Only two men in history played for more World Series champions.
Hint:     He is one of only four players native to his home state to make it to the Hall of Fame.
Twint:    He was selected to the first ever American League All-Star squad, but did not see action, at least not that year.
Twint:    He was often Lou Gehrig's roommate on road trips.
A.         BILL DICKEY (Player/mgr 1946; 8 rings—Berra has 10, DiMaggio 9; Louisiana-born Mel Ott, Ted Lyons & Willard Brown; 1933 ASG)
FCR -    Tony Nicolo, Norfolk, VA
Incorrect answers:  Roger Peckinpaugh, Yogi Berra, Frankie Frisch, Bill Terry, Joe McCarthy, Billy Martin, Ty Cobb, Milller Huggins

Q.         Which Hall of Famer catcher caught both of Johnny Vander Meer's consecutive no-hitters?
Hint:     He was the first ever Cincinnati Reds player to win an MVP Award.
Hint:     Many Hall of Famers are alumni of his famous high school.
Twint:    He was the first catcher to win two batting titles.
A.         ERNIE LOMBARDI (Vander Meer’s no-nos:  11-Jun & 15-Jun-1938; McClymonds High School Hall of Famers:  In Baseball—Frank Robinson, In basketballBill Russell; Hit .342 in 1938 and .330 in 1942)
FCR -    Art Mugalian, Minneapolis, MN
Incorrect answers:  Mickey Cochrane, Johnny Bench

Q.         Who is the only Phillie to collect more than 250 hits in a season?
Hint:     Not surprisingly, his batting average led the National League that year.
Hint:     A SABR chapter is named for him, but not the one in Philadelphia.
Twint:    His .349 career average puts him fourth on the all-time list.
A.         LEFTY O’DOUL (254 in 1929; Hit .398; O’Doul was from San Francisco and the Northern California SABR chapter bears his name; Batting average list:   #1 Ty Cobb .366, #2 Rogers Hornsby .359, #3 Joe Jackson .356)
FCR -    Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX
Incorrect answers:  Chuck Klein, Richie Ashburn, Ed Delahanty, Napoleon Lajoie, George Sisler, Pete Rose

Q.         Who came out of a slump only after his wife pointed out that the “5” on the back of his uniform had not been straight for several games?
Hint:     It was not the only wife he was to have.
Twint:    His fluidity of motion, both on offense and defense, was legendary.
A.         JOE DiMAGGIO (#5 now retired by NYY—wife Dorothy Arnold, later married to Marilyn Monroe)
FCR -    Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Albert Pujols, Lou Boudreau, Johnny Bench, George Brett, Brooks Robinson

Q.         Who was the first batter to hit two home runs in one inning in the American League?
Hint:     He also led his league in RBI that season, but received no consideration for MVP.  Not one vote.
Hint:     It was actually his Hall-of-Fame-to-be teammate who took home the honor that year.
Twint:    He was the first major leaguer to hit thirty home runs in the same seasons where he stole thirty bases.
A.         KEN WILLIAMS (2 HR 07-Aug-1922, 6th inning; 1922 MVP George Sisler; 39 HR/37 SB in 1922)
FCR -    Jan Finkel, Swanton, MD
Incorrect answers:  Stan Musial, Ned Williamson, Lou Gehrig, Home Run Baker, Eddie Mathews, Rocky Colavito, Joe Adcock, Babe Ruth, Carlos Baerga, Lou Klimchock, Joe DiMaggio, Al Kaline, Jim Gentile, Herb Plews

Q.         Whose record for the longest twentieth-century National League hitting streak did Pete Rose break in 1978?
Hint:     His first All-Star action was followed that same season by his first World Series action.
Hint:     In that World Series, he had 26 plate appearances with neither a single bases-on-balls nor strikeout.
Twint:    He is the only player to have the most home runs and fewest strikeouts in his league in the same season. (Among qualifying batters)
Twint:    He was the last player/manager for the Braves.
A.         TOMMY HOLMES (37 G in 1945 for the Braves; 28 HR & 9 Ks in 1945; Player/Mgr 1951)
FCR -    Don Harrison, Fairfield, CT
Incorrect answers:  Willie Mays, Wee Willie Keeler, Kiki Cuyler, Bill Dahlen, Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler, Stan Musial, Phil Cavarretta

Q.         After Lou Gehrig’s streak ended in 1939, who was the next player to compile a 600-game-played streak?
Hint:     He, Rogers Hornsby and Ginger Beaumont are the only ones ever to the National League in hits for three straight seasons.
Twint:    He injured his back diving into a hotel pool in 1941, which likely contributed to his exemption from military service during WWII.
Twint:    He was the Yankees' director of group sales from 1978 until his death in 1982.
A.         FRANK McCORMICK (654 consecutive games from 1938-42; H ldr 1938-40)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Pete Rose, Gus Suhr, Steve Garvey, Billy Williams, Richie Ashburn

Q.         Who was the first player to collect 200 hits in a season where he was traded?
Hint:     Of his career 1,289 major league games, 1,288 were played in the National League and all of those three years after his debut.
Twint:    His only black ink is an RBI title, but it broke a three-year run by Rogers Hornsby.
A.         IRISH MEUSEL (Traded 25-July 1921 from last-place PHI to eventual WS champs NYG, finished w/201 H; Debuted 01-Oct-1914 with WSH, went 0 for 2 next ML game 16‑Apr‑1918; 125 RBI in 1923)
FCR -    Bob Flynn, Chandler, AZ
Incorrect answers:  Red Schoendienst, Ichiro Suzuki, Harry Walker, Lefty O’Doul, Willie Montanez

Q.         Who holds the record for most career errors by a first baseman?
Hint:     Before moving to first he had already twice committed 50 errors in a season at third.
Twint:    He dropped out of both Notre Dame and University of Iowa.
Twint:    He was the first player with back-to-back 100 RBI seasons.
A.         CAP ANSON (658 career errors as a first baseman; 57 3B E in 1872, 50 in 1876; 100 RBI 1884-85 [& 1886-87])
FCR -    Lynn Marschke, Somers, New York
Incorrect answers:  Jimmie Foxx, Kent Hrbek, Pete Rose, Hal Chase, Gil Hodges, Herman Long, Dick Stuart, Harmon Killebrew

WEEKLY THEME – Batters with 20 or more homers and 20 or fewer strikeouts in the same season

Player          Year          HR        SO
Anson          1884          21         13
Berra            1950          28         12
                    1951*        27         20
                    1955*        27         20
Dickey         1936          22         16
DiMaggio     1939*        30         20
                    1941*        30         13
Holmes        1945          28         9
Lombardi      1939          20         19
McCormick   1944          20         17
Meusel         1925          21         19
O'Doul         1929          32         19
                    1932          21         20
Williams       1925          25         14

*League MVP

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara, CA

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  Former Yankees who managed the team
               -  Yankees managers who didn't win the World Series
               -  Yankee catchers

Wed.       -  Multiple selection All-Star catchers who were selected but didn't play in their first All-Star game
               -  HOF catchers whose first or last name has the "EE" sound at the end.

Thursday  -  Played for the San Francisco Seals of the PCL

Sunday    -  More walks than strikeouts when they led the league in hitting

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