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September 29-October 6, 2014 Players who wore uniform #00 for more than one season

Q.         Who, on the last day of regular-season play in 2010, saved the game for his team that guaranteed them the division title?
Hint:     In so doing, he earned his league’s saves title.
Hint:     Had their opponents won that day, it is they who would have won the division.
Hint:     His counterpart that day, Heath Bell, with a save, could have walked away with the saves title.
Hint:     He is one of only seven players from his home state of New Hampshire to be named to an All-Star team.
Twint:    He may have the strangest facial hair in major league history.
A.         BRIAN WILSON (03-Oct-2014; 48th S [also led MLB]; SDP; NH AS; Beard pix)
FCR -    Dean Kloner, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Huston Street

Q.         Who was the first player to hit a home run in four consecutive League Championship Series games?
Hint:     He was named MVP of that series even though his team didn’t win it.
Hint:     Aeronautic trot.
Twint:    A tremendous athlete in high school, he received sixty scholarship offers to play football in college plus five for basketball but none for baseball.
A.         JEFFREY LEONARD (NLCS HRs 1987; On HRs, would circle the bases as if an airplane.)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Carlos Beltran, Hank Aaron, Nelson Cruz, Scott Brosius

Q.         Who was the first National League pinch hitter to hit a World Series home run?
Hint:     To assuage the concern that Jackie Robinson would not get the usual handshake after hitting his first home run after signing with the Dodgers, he stepped up and did it, making it baseball's first black-white handshake.
Hint:     A native of Youngstown, Ohio where it was commonplace for athletes of all races and creeds to play with each other, he explained the handshake that helped break baseball’s color barrier by simply saying, "Our teammate hit a home run so I shook his hand."
Hint:     He was one of the colorful players interviewed for Roger Kahn’s seminal book "Boys of Summer".
Twint:    "Shotgun"
FCR -    Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, RI
Incorrect answers:  Carl Furillo, Dusty Rhodes, Pee Wee Reese, Ralph Branca, Duke Snider, Andy Pafko

Q.         Who is the only pitcher other than Walter Johnson to win an American League strikeout title for the Senators?
Hint:     His father died the morning after watching him win Game One of the 1940 World Series.
Hint:     No pitcher threw for more innings in a season in the 1930s than he did.
Twint:    With strange symmetry, he won Opening Day games for the St. Louis Browns in 1938-39, then lost Opening Day games AGAINST the Browns in 1940-41.
A.         BOBO NEWSOM (113 K in 1942; WS W 02-Oct-1940; 392.2 IP in 1939; Wins for Browns:  19‑Apr‑1938 & 22-Apr-1939 then Losses to Browns: 16-Apr-1940 & 16‑Apr‑1941)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Camilio Pascual, Schoolboy Rowe

Q.         Who broke Jerry Lynch’s record for career pinch-hit home runs?
Hint:     His own record was recently surpassed by a Canadian.
Hint:     Excellent at drawing walks, his career on-base percentage of .355 dwarfed his lifetime .258 batting average.
Twint:    Before Alex Rodriguez, he was the last New York Yankee to hit two home runs in a single inning.
A.         CLIFF JOHNSON (20 PH HR; Passed in 2010 by Matt Stairs; 2 HR 30-Jun-1977 7th inning)
FCR -   
Incorrect answers: 

Q.         What pitcher led the National League in appearances in the strike-shortened season of 1995?
Hint:     He would appear in at least fifty games for that and each of the following eight consecutive seasons that he played in the majors.
Hint:     He received a World Series share from his team in his last season in the majors despite not playing in that Series.
Twint:    He would not play in the majors again.
A.         CURT LESKANIC (ALCS G#7 W 17‑Oct‑2004; 50+ G 1995-2004 [Did not play in 2002.] 2004 WS)
FCR -    Scott Matteson, Shawnee, KS
Incorrect answers:  Brandon Puffer, Dennis Eckersley, Mike Timlin, Rob Murphy, Eric Gagne, Mike Myers

Q.         The Seattle Mariners franchise had been in the majors for over twenty years before one of their pitchers got an RBI.  Who was he?
Hint:     The odyssey that was his major league career saw him play for eight different major league teams in a twelve-year period.
Hint:     He was handed the ball to start the game 229 times, demonstrating the trust his managers had in him (at least until he was traded or released).
Twint:    His father had also played in the majors.
A.         OMAR OLIVARES (RBI: 28-Aug-1997; First Mariner game 06-Apr-1977; Father Ed Olivares)
FCR -    Jim Berardinucci, Sewell, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Mike Moore, Jaime Moyer, Eric Bedard, Freddy Garcia, Mike Morgan

Q.         What speedster collected at least two hits in ten of the first eleven games he started in the majors.
Hint:     Two of his cousins are much more famous athletes, but in different professional sports.
Hint:     A major league contemporary of his with nearly identical skills and the same last name, is not, however, related.
Twint:    In the minors, he stole fifty bases in each of three consecutive seasons.
A.         CURTIS GOODWIN (MLB debut 02-Jun-1995; Cousins NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton and NBA star Gary Payton; Not related to Tom Goodwin)
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Billy Hamilton, Lonnie Smith, Ozzie Smith, Vince Coleman, Mookie Wilson, Willie Wilson

Q.         Who, in 2007, broke the International League’s 95-year-old record for the longest consecutive-games hitting streak?
Hint:     His 43 games is still the standard.
Hint:     Jack Leliveldt was the previous record holder.
Twint:    His last name could be said to describe his origins.
A.         BRANDON WATSON ("Watts son" [We don’t actually know what area of Los Angeles he was born in.])
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Jimmy Rollins, Rick Short

Q.         Who was the first third baseman to be a first-round draft pick of the 1970s?
Hint:     He led the PCL in batting the year after his major league debut.
Hint:     His only National League home run was off Rookie of the Year Award winner Rick Sutcliffe.
Hint:     He was the first ever Padre to take Sutcliffe deep.
Twint:    He played for the Hanshin Tigers after his major league career.
A.         PAUL DADE (1976 PCL batting title: .363 for the 1976 Salt Lake City Gulls; HR off Sutcliffe 25‑Jun‑1979)
FCR -    Geehoon Hong, Bayside, NY
Incorrect answers:  Bob Horner, Graig Nettles, Dave Roberts, Rick Schu, Phil Nevin, Kurt Bevacqua

Q.         What middle reliever pitched for eleven major league teams during his twelve-year major league career?
Hint:     A true baseball nomad, he also toiled for ten minor league teams during that same period.
Hint:     This doesn’t even count the seven minor league team he pitched for prior to making the big time.
Hint:     He was born in Ohio, attended high school in Michigan then went to college in Kentucky.
Twint:    Perhaps all this was his destiny since he was born in the Year of the Pitcher.
A.         RICK WHITE
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Brett Tomko, Mike Morgan

WEEKLY THEME – Players who wore uniform #00 for more than one season

Player        Teams/Years
Dade          CLE (1977, 78, 79)
Goodwin     CIN (1996, 97)
Johnson     TOR (1985, 86)
Leonard      SFG (1987, 88), MIL (88), SEA (89, 90)
Leskanic     MIL (2000, 01)
Newsom     WSH (1943, 46, 47)
Olivares      STL (1993), PHI (95)
Watson       WSN (2005, 06, 07), CIN (06)
White          CLE (2004), PIT (05), CIN (06), PHI (06)
Wilson        LAD (2013, 14)

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – FCR -Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  2010 playoff teams who are in the playoffs this year
               -  Players with awesome beards

Tuesday   -  MVPs of past championship series who are playing in this year’s series
               -  Players who played on playoff teams for both the Giants and the Dodgers

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