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2021-10-18 Select Hall of Fame players ousted from Double-Unique Status

MONDAY  —18-Oct

Q.  Which position player played the most seasons in the major leagues?

Hint: #1    He led the National League in runs batted in for eight seasons, five times leading the majors.

Hint: #2    Although he had more career hits than Honus Wagner of Carl Yastrzemski, he never hit in as many as twenty consecutive games.


-   Ans.  Anson had 27 MLB seasons, counting his first five years of service 1871-75 in the first “major league”, the National Association*.  The NL began in 1876 and Anson played with their Chicago franchise from then until his retirement after the 1897 season.  Nolan Ryan also played for 27 seasons in the Bigs.

-   #1   Anson led the Senior Circuit in RBI 1880 (74), 1881 (82), 1882 (83), 1884 (102), 1885 (108), 1886 (147), 1888 (84) & 1891 (120).

-   #2   Amassed 3,435 H, just ahead of the totals of either Wagner (3,420) or Yaz (3,419).

FCR -  Tom Galligan, Baton Rouge

*Many respected baseball historians continue to contend that the NA should not be considered a major league, citing lack of funding, uncertain schedule and other issues.  Horsehide Trivia follows the approach taken by but remains open-minded.  Here are some well-researched thoughts on the subject:




Incorrect guesses:  Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, Albert Pujols, Eddie Collins, Mike Schmidt, Johnny Mize


TUESDAY  —19-Oct

Q.  Who was the only National League pitcher to win the League MVP award before the BBWAA took the process over in 1931?

Hint: #1    He finished ahead of Rogers Hornsby in the MVP voting in spite of Hornsby’s jaw-dropping .424 batting average.

Hint: #2    That same season he had what is now called an Immaculate Inning.


-   Ans.      Vance’s 1924 season was one for the ages.  In addition to the pitching Triple Crown, he led the league 6 additional categories and finished ahead of

-   #1   1924 NL MVP finish.

-   #2   I.I. = 14-Sep-1924, 3rd inning

FCR -  Lee Dembart, Hollywood, California

Incorrect guesses:  Grover Cleveland Alexander, Walter Johnson, Dizzy Dean



Q.  Whose batting average in his sixth major league campaign, but his first with his new team, is the highest ever recorded in the twentieth century before the Negro League statistics were certified?

Hint: #1    The next-highest batting average in the league that year was 86 points lower.

Hint: #2    He once had a season with more than 200 hits yet not one of them was a home run.


-   Ans.     After playing with the Phillies for 5 years, he jumped to the new AL in 1901, going right across town.  He found the situation there very much to his liking as he hit .426.

-   #1   Baltimore’s Mike Donlin hit a very respectable .340 that year, ahead of all but one.

-   #2   Among this 214 H in 1906, he had 48 doubles and 9 triples.  He scored on 88 times and did not hit a home run until July of 1907.

FCR -  Willis Kern, Bloomington, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Rod Carew, Ty Cobb, Rabbit Maranville, Hugh Duffy, Rogers Hornsby, Dick Burrus, Kiki Cuyler, Willie Keeler, Pete Runnels



Q.  Which Hall of Famer was a member of the 24th infantry in the Philippines during WWI?

Hint: #1    He led the league in home runs five times yet never hit more than twenty in any one season.

Hint: #2    It was said of him, “He’s so fast that he makes Ty Cobb look like Ham Hyatt”.


-   Ans.     The 24th Infantry Regiment was a unit of the U.S. Army, active 1869-1951, & 1995-2006.  Before 1951, it was primarily made up of black American soldiers.

-   #1   He led the Negro National League in HR in 1921 (15) & 1922 (19).  He led the Eastern Colored League in 1924 (15), 1925 (20) & 1927 (13).

-   #2   Although Ham Hyatt managed 11 SB & 23 triples during his 7-year MLB career, his name alone makes him sound like a plodder. In any case, Charleston was FAST !

FCR -  Randall Reilly, Madison, Wisconsin

Incorrect guesses:  Sam Crawford, Wildfire Schulte, Frank Baker, Bullet Rogan, Gavvy Cravath, Frank Baker, Home Run Baker, Tris Speaker



Q. Which catcher once allowed thirteen stolen bases in one game?

Hint: #1    He hit two thirds of his career home runs in one game.

Hint: #2    He fared only slightly better as a manager, leading two team based in the same city to sub-.500 record.

Hint: #3    He once opined, “Man may penetrate the outer reaches of the universe; he may solve the very secret of eternity itself; but for me, the ultimate human experience is to witness the flawless execution of a hit-&-run.”


-   Ans.     On 28-Jun-1907, Rickey with a sore arm threw out no one as 7 Senators stole a base on him a total of 13 times.

-   #1   Rickey had 3 HR as a player, 2 coming on 06-Aug-1906.

-   #2   Rickey managed the St. Louis Brown 1913-15 to a record of 139-179-12.  He took over the Cardinals 1919-1925 leading them to a record of 458-485-4.  The Cards won the NL pennant and WS the year after he left.

-   #3   His quotes are one of his greatest legacies.

FCR -  Sarah Grynpas, Toronto

Incorrect guesses: 



Q.  Which  Hall of Famer had more hits than any other major leaguer in the decade 1950-59?

Hint: #1    He was a starter on the All-Star team in his rookie season.

Hint: #2    He chose to retire after the year when Rogers Hornsby was his team’s hitting coach.

Hint: #3    He is the only Hall of Famer known to have a twin.


-   Ans.     Ashburn had 1,875 H that decade.

-   #1   Voted to the 1948 NL AS team, he started in CF, had 2 H, stole a base an scored a run.  However, his squad lost to the AL All-Stars headlined by DiMaggio, Williams, Newhouser, Raschi, et al.

-   #2   After being left unprotected by the Cubs for the NL’s expansion draft, Ashburn spent a miserable year playing for the execrable 1962 NYM.  It was Hornsby’s final year in a major league uniform.

-   #3   They were born Don and Donna Ashburn, but the family used the boy’s middle name, Richie, to help further distinguish him from his sister.

FCR -  Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Incorrect guesses:  Stan Musial, Nellie Fox, Duke Snider


FRIDAY  —22-Oct

Q.  Who holds the record for the most total bases in a single season for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ franchise?

Hint: #1    He led the majors in runs and triples in his second full season.

Hint: #2    His career batting average among Pirates batters (Minimum 2,000 AB.) tops those of Hall of Famers Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, Pie Traynor, Arky Vaughan, Lloyd Waner and even Matty Alou.


-   Ans.     His 369 TB for PIT in 1925 is still the team standard, but didn’t even lead the league that year.  Hornsby had 381 for STL and edged Cuyler out for the MVP.

-   #1   In 1925, he scored 144 times and hit 26 triples.

-   #2   Cuyler’s AVG w/PIT is .336

FCR -  Steven Wright, Naperville, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Omar Moreno, Al Oliver, Dave Parker, Paul Waner, Bill Madlock, Max Carey, Barry Bonds, Ginger Beaumont, Ralph Kiner, Jake Beckley


T.G.I.F. BONUS  —23-Oct

Q.  Who is the all-time leader for the Dodgers franchise in singles, doubles and triples?

Hint: #1    He was once part of an American League all-Hall of Fame outfield.

Hint: #2    He led a National League team to its first modern day pennant.


-   Ans.     With 2,038 singles, 464 doubles and 171 triples, Wheat is also their career leader in G (2,322), H (2,804), AB (8,859), PA (9,731) & times on base (3,509).  He also appears in the Dodgers’ (Superbas’, Robins’, etc.) Top Ten offense categories in RBI, BB, XBH & HBP not to mention an additional dozen lesser-known career stats.

-   #1   In his final season in the majors, 1927, Wheat played for Connie Mack’s Philadelphia A’s.  Fellow outfielders on that team included Ty Cobb & Al Simmons.

-   #2   He was the main offensive force on the 1916 Brooklyn Robins.  The lost to BOS in the WS and had to wait ‘til next year.

FCR -  Jason Winston, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses:  Dusty Baker



Q.  Who is the only nineteenth century catcher in the Hall of Fame?

Hint: #1    His brother, a pitcher, was his teammate on two different major league teams in New York City.

Hint: #2    He had an amazing season in the height of his career.  After switching leagues, he played in fewer than 85 games and banged out more than 115 hits.


-   Ans.     Played 1880-1897

-   #1   Brother John Ewing played with Buck on the Players League‘s NYI team in 1890 and the NL’s NYG in 1891 where he led the league in W-L% and ERA.

-   #2   In 1890 in the New York Giants of the Players League, Ewing (Buck) played in 83 G and had 119 H.

FCR -  Chris Betsch, New Albany, Indiana

Incorrect guesses:  Deacon White, Roger Bresnahan, King Kelly, Connie Mack, Roger Connor, Rick Ferrell, Wilbert Robinson



Q.  Who was the first player to hit two home runs in an All-Star game?

Hint: #1    His “Wally Pipp” was named Thevenow.

Hint: #2    He finished exactly 23rd in league MVP voting for three years straight.


-   Ans.     2 ASG HR = 08-Jul-1941 (Neither hit the transformer tower.)

-   #1   In Vaughan’s rookie season, PIY’s starting SS Tommy Thevenow, suffered an ankle injury.  Vaughan took his place and averaged 142 G per season for PIT for the next 9 years

-   #2   In 1932, 1933 & 1934, he came up 23rd in the NL MVP voting.  He later twice finished as high as 3rd, (1935 & 1938), but never took home the top prize, his team’s lack of high finishes possibly a contributing factor.

FCR -  Barry Nelson Guilderland, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Fred Lindstrom, Johnny Mize, Joe Adcock


SUNDAY  —24-Oct

Q.  Who is the only BBTR MVP to thrice lead his league in stolen bases?

Hint: #1    No one has ever hit more doubles in World Series play than he has.

Hint: #2    No one has more postseason multiple-hit games.


-   Ans.     Switch-hitter Frisch led the NL in SB in 1921 (49), 1927 (28) & 1931 (28).  Was NL MVP in 1931.

-   #1   10 WS 2B is tied w/Yogi Berra.

-   #2   15 multi-hit postseason games, tie with Pablo Sandoval

FCR -  Warren Kent, Whitehall Michigan

Incorrect guesses:  Barry Bonds



WEEKLY THEME – Select Hall of Fame players ousted from Double-Unique Status.  Click for the complete Double-Unique list and pay particular attention to the second tab.  (Edits always welcome.)


HOFer                       D-U from             Until                      Due to                      D-U Tenure

Cap Anson................ 6-May-1871........ 23-Jun-1915........ Cap Crowell.............. 44 yrs 47 days

Richie Ashburn......... 20-Apr-1948....... 21-Apr-1956........ Richie Myers............ 8 yrs 1 day

Oscar Charleston...... 05-May-1920*..... 05-May-1924*....... Red Charleston......... 4 yrs 0 days

Kiki Cuyler............... 29-Sep-1921....... 06-Sep-1990........ Milt Cuyler............... 68 yrs 342 days

Buck Ewing.............. 09-Sep-1880....... 18-Jun-1883........ John Ewing............... 2 yrs 282 days

Frankie Frisch........... 17-Jun-1919....... 12-Apr-1932........ Frankie Crosetti........ 12 yrs 300 days

Nap Lajoie................ 12-Aug-1896....... 11-Sep-1902........ Nap Shea.................. 11 yr 263 days

Branch Rickey.......... 16-Jun-1905....... 01-Jun-1922........ Branch Russell.......... 16 yrs 350 days

Dazzy Vance............. 16-Apr-1915....... 18-Apr-1935........ Joe Vance................. 20 yrs 2 days

Arky Vaughan........... 17-Apr-1932....... 16-Jun-1940........ Porter Vaughan......... 8 yrs 60 days

Zack Wheat.............. 11-Sep-1909...... 14-May-1915........ Mack Wheat............. 5 yrs 245 days

*Exact day is estimated.


Additional Hall of Famers who also were double-unique.


Yogi Berra

Hank O’Day

Clark Griffith

Waite Hoyt

Christy Mathewson

Honus Wagner

Mickey Welch

Early Wynn


These are Hall of Famers whose Double-Unique status remains intact:


Goose Goslin*

Rogers Hornsby

Miller Huggins

Addie Joss

Harmon Killebrew

Biz Mackey

Bid McPhee

Eppa Rixey

Edd Roush

Tris Speaker

Pie Traynor


*Made it back onto the list when Rich Gossage began insisting that moniker no longer be used for him.


First Correct Respondent identifying theme




Incorrect theme guesses:


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               -  Scored six runs in one game


Tuesday -  HOFers not known by their real names

               -  Hall of Famers who are known by nicknames and played multiple seasons in multiple major leagues

               -  Hall of Fame Players from states that have never had a president native to that state

               -  Players in the top 3 of the oldest to hit a HR at their position

               -  Oldest player to hit a HR by position


Wed        -  Initial HOF class

               -  One person from each area of the HoF (pitcher, catcher, etc. plus manager and executive)


Sat          -  Catchers who led the league in hits


Sunday   -  Players who were involved in a triple play offensively

               -  MLB HOF players with a brother who played in MLB

               -  Something to do with exhibition games

               -  Hall of Famers who played on a team that no longer exists

               -  Players who have played at the Polo Grounds

               -  Hall of Famers mentioned in poems or fiction books who died from complications and also were memorialized either with a monument, statue or highway named in their memory




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