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2022-04-18 Pitchers with 50 career shutouts in the expansion era

MONDAY  —18-Apr

Q.  Which pitcher had a statue of him unveiled last week at Citi Field?

Hint: #1  He was the first “Baseball Digest” Player of the Year.

Hint: #2  He and Walter Johnson are the only major league pitchers with career numbers of 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts and a sub-3.00 ERA.


-  Ans.  His bronze and stainless structural steel likeness made its debut at Citi Field on Friday, hours before the Mets’ 2022 opener on 15-Apr-2022.

-  #1 BBD POY 1969.

-  #2  Stats for Johnson & Seaver

FCR -  Steve Klitzner, North Miami Beach

Incorrect guesses:  Bob Feller, Christy Mathewson, Nolan Ryan


TUESDAY  —19-Apr

Q.  Which pitcher has the most career strikeouts of anyone who didn’t reach the 4,000 strikeout total?

Hint: #1  One of only three pitchers ever to win a major league game before his twentieth birthday and after his fortieth.

Hint: #2  He is tied for giving up the third most home runs ever in a single season.


-  Ans.  At 3,701 K, Blyleven trails only Nolan Ryan (5,714), Randy Johnson (4,875), Roger Clemens (4,672) and Steve Carlton (4,136).

-  #1  Only Blyleven, Mike Morgan & Herb Pennock won MLB Gs before turning 20 and after turning 40.

-  #2  Robin Roberts gave up 46 HR in 1956.  Blyleven tied him in 1987.  They were joined at that level in 2011 when Bronson Arroyo also surrendered 46.  [Note:  In 1986, Blyleven gave up 50 HR and is the current record holder.]

FCR -  Dave Williams, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Walter Johnson, Gaylord Perry, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux, Jim Kaat, Sam McDowell



Q.  Which pitcher’s record for the number of balks in a season did Dave Stewart break?

Hint: #1  He once stuck out nineteen batters in a losing cause.

Hint: #2  He was the first pitcher to make more than $150,000 in a season.


-  Ans.  Carlton balked 11 X in 1979, but Stewart balked 16 X in 1988.  Carlton, however, owns the MLB records for career balks at 90.

-  #1  Pitching for STL on 15-Sep-1969, Carlton K’ed 19 but gave up 4 R and lost.

-  #2  Pulled down $165,000, 1st in 1973.

FCR -  Dave Jackson, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Incorrect guesses:  Sam McDowell, Sandy Koufax



Q.  Whose brother was the first to win one of the three Cy Young awards in the family?

Hint: #1  A one-time Atlanta Brave, he was the last pitcher to have four straight seasons throwing three hundred innings in each of those years.

Hint: #2  In none of those seasons did he even lead the league.  However, just before that, he had led the majors in innings pitched for consecutive seasons.


-  Ans.  Gaylord’s brother Jim won the AL CYA w/MIN in 1970 as Gaylord finished 2nd in the NL for that award.  However, the younger brother won it twice, the 1st to do so in each league:  1972 pitching for CLE then 1978 pitching for SDP.

-  #1  1972-1975, Perry had years of 342⅔, 344, 322⅓ & 305⅔ innings respectively.

-  #2  While still with his original club, SFG, he led the majors in IP in 1969 & 1970 w/325⅓ & 382⅔.

FCR -  Dave Williams, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Phil Niekro, Jim Perry, Joe Niekro, Greg Maddux, Ramon Martinez



Q.  Who had fifteen separate seasons of two hundred strikeouts in each one?

Hint: #1  He surrendered ten grand slams in his career, four in the National League and six in the American League.

Hint: #2  He ended his career as BB King.


-  Ans.  He had 9 additional years with 100+ Ks and 1 more w/92.

-  #1  1st GS to Joe Pepitone in 1970, the final 1 to Dan Howitt in 1993.

-  #2  Handed out an astounding 2,795 walks.  In second place is Steve Carlton with 962 fewer.

FCR -  Stephen Klatsky, Washington, DC

Incorrect guesses:  Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver


FRIDAY  —22-Apr

Q.  Who was the only American League player to collect two RBI in the World Series without getting a hit?

Hint: #1  He is the last pitcher to start 500 games playing his entire career for one team.

Hint: #2  Every time he led the league in ERA, he won the Cy Young Award.


-  Ans.  In G #2 of the 1971 WS, Palmer, in consecutive innings, educed walks of Bruce Kison and Bob Veale, and score each time thanks to the efforts of the subsequent Oriole batters.

-  #1  Started 521 G for BAL 1965-1984.

-  #2  Led the AL in ERA in 1973 (2.40) & 1975 (2.09).  Won CYA in 1973, 1975 & 1976.

FCR -  Jeffrey Fink, Howell, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, Bob Feller, Mickey Lolich, Hal Newhouser, Walter Johnson



Q.  Whose world-leading 2.20 ERA one season didn’t even merit a single vote for the Cy Young Award or for MVP?

Hint: #1  His WHIP also led both leagues that year.

Hint: #2  In more than 1,500 plate appearances in the majors, he never hit a home run and only had one triple.


-  Ans.  His win/loss record of 13-5 wasn’t as impressive in 1980 as Felix Hernandez’ 13-12 was exactly 30 years later.

-  #1  Sutton’s WHIP was 0.989 that year.

-  #2  He had 1,559 PS & 1,354 AB.  Hit his triple 11-Sep-1970 in San Francisco off Juan Marichal.

FCR -  Elliott Frankfother

Incorrect guesses:  Joe Horlen, Hoyt Wilhelm, Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal, Curt Schilling, David Cone


SUNDAY  —24-Apr

Q.  Which hurler took the loss in Crosley Field’s last MLB game?

Hint: #1  He claimed to have mastered the curve by age ten and the screwball by fifteen and very few people now doubt any of his claims.

Hint:  #2..He had more career complete games that wins.

Hint: #3  He took a no-hitter into the eighth inning in his major league debut.


-  Ans.  Crosley Loss = 24-Jun-1970

-  #1  From 1996 to 2000, Marichal served in the cabinet of Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández as his country’s Minister of Sports and Physical Education & is still one of the most respected citizens of the DR.

-  #2  CG 244; W 243

-  #3  Debut = 19-Jul-1960.  The Phillies’ redoubtable Clay Dalrymple pinch hit for catcher Cal Neeman batting 8th & singles for their only H of the G.

FCR -  Greg Gits, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Claude Osteen, Joe Nuxhall, Phil Niekro, Jim Maloney




WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers with 50 career complete-game shutouts in the expansion era.


Pitcher                 ShOs                  WAR

Blyleven................... 60................... 94.5

Carlton..................... 55................... 90.2

Marichal................... 52................... 62.9

Palmer..................... 53................... 68.5

Perry........................ 53................... 90.0

Ryan........................ 61................... 81.3

Seaver..................... 61................. 109.9

Sutton...................... 58................... 66.7



First Correct Respondent identifying themeJoseph Cohen, Holden, Massachusetts



Incorrect theme guesses:


Tues    -  Hall of Famers who were known by shortened versions of their middle names

            -  HOF with at least 3500 Ks

            -  HOF players who left and returned to their original franchise

            -  Pitchers with the most 200 strikeout seasons

            -  Hall of Fame pitchers with 60 or more shutouts in their career

            -  Opening Day starts for at least three different teams


Wed     -  Pitchers with the most Opening Day starts

            -  Most pitching win in the1970s

            -  Pitchers with more than 3,000 strikeouts who have pitched multiple no hitters

            -  Pitcher with 20 or more seasons

            -  Pitchers with 20 or more seasons and at least 10 (or some number) of opening day starts

            -  The top 6 strikeout leaders of all time in reverse order

            -  Half of famers who pitched at least 290 innings in a season from 1970 to the present

            -  Pitchers with the most Ks in the 1970s

            -  Pitchers with at least 3000 strikeouts and 200 complete games


Thur     -  Pitchers with the largest number of matchups against a #1 Starter

            -  Lowest ERA's in the 1970s

            -  Expansion era HOF pitchers who lost 200+ games

            -  Pitchers with at least 3000 strikeouts and 4500 innings pitched

            -  Pitchers with 3000 or more strikeouts, all in the Hall of Fame

            -  Pitchers with over 100 victories and 2000 strikeouts between 1970 and 1980

            -  3,000 or more career strikeouts and 50 or more career shutouts


Fri        -  Pitchers with 20 or more complete games in a season

            -  The last pitchers to win 20 or more complete games in a season

            -  Hall of Famers with the most strikeouts and shutouts in the 1970s

            -  Pitchers with 50 or more shutouts who have given up at least 300 Home Runs

            -  Pitchers with 50 or more shutouts who have given up at least 200 Home Runs

            -  Pitchers with the most IP in 1970-79

            -  Hall of Fame pitchers who…

            -  HoF pitchers with career batting averages lower than their career eras

            -  Batting averages without the decimal [that] are lower than their win totals

            -  MLB’s IP leaders of the 1970s.



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