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2021-11-01 NL RBI Leaders in consecutive seasons in the live ball era

MONDAY  —01-Nov

Q.  Who has won the same number of Gold Gloves at third base as has Johnny Bench at catcher and Roberto Alomar at second base?

Hint: #1    He won more National League home run titles than any other player.

Hint: #2    He set a record for the most Hall of Fame votes in his first year of eligibility.


-   Ans. Each has 10 GG (as do Ichiro Suzuki, Andruw Jones & Ken Griffey, Jr.)

-   #1   Won the NL HR title 8 X.

-   #2   He got 444 HOF votes in his only year on the HOF ballot.

FCR -  Jason Winston, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses: 



Q.  Who has more extra-base hits as a Chicago Cub than anyone else who ever played for the franchise?

Hint: #1    It’s then no wonder then that he was walked intentionally more than anyone else in the 145 years of that storied franchise.

Hint: #2    No one hit more home runs off Sandy Koufax than he did.


-   Ans. 1,009 XBH (Billy Williams is a distant 2nd at 881.)

-   #1   202 IBB

-   #2   Homered 7 X off Koufax (Tied with Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson & Felipe Alou.)

FCR -  Anderson Adams, Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Billy Williams, Ron Santo


TUESDAY  —02-Nov

Q.  Who ranks just behind Pete Rose with 740 consecutive games played?

Hint: #1    He won the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, was named the Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year", won the  Roberto Clemente Award and was honored with the Bart Giamatti Community Service Award.

Hint: #2    He won five consecutive Gold Glove awards and four straight Silver Sluggers.

Hint: #3    Though he is not a member of the Hall of Fame, Bill James ranks him ahead of eight players already inducted.


-   Ans.      From 26-Sep-1981 to 08-Jul-1986, Murphy never missed a G, playing every one on the schedule 1982-85.  Rose’s streak was 745.

-   #1   - The Lou Gehrig Memorial Award is given annually to a player who best exhibits the character and integrity of Lou Gehrig, both on the field and off.  Murphy won it in 1985.

            - The Sportsman of the Year came in 1987 where he was included with 6 others as “Athletes who care.”

            - The Roberto Clemente Award is awarded to “The player that best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual's contribution to his team”.  Murphy was the1988 winner.

            - The Giamatti CSA goes to “an individual associated with baseball who best exemplifies the compassion demonstrated by the late commissioner”.  Murphy was the 1991 recipient.

-   #2   GG = 192-86; SS = 1982-85

-   #3   [Citation unavailable at press time.]

FCR -  Tony Hughes, Woodbridge, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Steve Garvey, Richie Ashburn, Lou Whittaker, Billy Williams, Scott Rolen, Paul Molitor



Q. Which one-time Braves player is the only person to hit 120 doubles over two seasons?

Hint: #1    His first minor league team was in Scottdale.

Hint: #2    He had hits in his first four trips to the plate in postseason competition.


-   Ans.     Had 64 2B in 1936 (Tied for 2nd all-time) & 56 in 1937.  Played for BSN in 1945.

-   #1   Played for the 1930 Scottdale Scotties in Scottdale*, Pennsylvania.

-   #2   In G 1 in the 1934 WS, Medwick had 3 singles and a HR & then added a sac fly.

FCR -  Tom Byrne, Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Earl Webb, Babe Ruth, Dusty Baker, Rico Carty, David Justice, Chipper Jones

*Reader Tom Naylor from Jersey City pointed out that Scottdale, PA is not spelled the same as Scottsdale, AZ.  Edit made.



Q.  Who is the only player to earn a Gold Glove his first eight seasons in the major and never anther one after that?

Hint: #1    He was his cousin’s teammate for two seasons.

Hint: #2    He received a record salary for an arbitration-eligible player.


-   Ans.     Earned the NL 3B GG 2013-2020 and may soon capture his 9th.

-   #1   Was a teammate of his cousin Josh Fuentes playing for COL 2019-2020.

-   #2   At arbitration, he proposed $30 million for 2019; the Rockies replied with an offer of $24 million. Whichever way the arbitration panel was to decide, he was guaranteed to receive the highest salary ever granted through the process, topping the $23 million obtained by fellow third baseman Josh Donaldson a year earlier. On 31-Jan-2019, the two sides agreed on $26 million.

FCR -  Elliott Frankfother, Rock Falls, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Mookie Betts, Barry Bonds, Garry Maddox, Don Mattingly, Bobby Shantz



Q.  In the only MLB All-Star game that ended with a 1-0 score, who drove in the lone run?

Hint: #1 He played that entire game but went oh-for-four with three strikeouts.      

Hint: #2    He lit up Lamp for the National League southpaw record.

Hint: #3    He hit forty-three home runs in the years he played for Phoenix.


-   Ans. In the 1968 ASG, held in Houston’s Astrodome, McCovey hit into a 1st-inning double play as teammate Willie Mays score from 3B.  No RBI for McCovey, but the damage was done.

-   #1   He was bested that day by the offerings of Blue Moon Odom in the 3rd, Denny McLain in the 5th & Sam McDowell in the 7th, the last one—looking (ʞ), providing 3 of the 20 All‑Star Ks that day.

-   #2   On 14-Jun-1979, McCovey hit his 513th career HR off the Cubs’ Dennis Lamp, becoming the leading left-handed NL HR hitter, passing Eddie Mathews.  He, in turn, was passed by Barry Bonds on 30-May-2001.

-   #3   Played for the AAA Phoenix Giants in 1958-59.

FCR -  Frank Ittner, Atlanta

Incorrect guesses:  Willie Mays, Tony Perez, Carl Yastrzemski, Mark Grace, Orlando Cepeda, Matt Williams



FRIDAY  —05-Nov

Q.  Which one-time teammate of Steve Carlton was the first right-handed batter to hit more than thirty home runs in away games in a single season?

Hint: #1    He was the last native of Alabama to homer in an All-Star game for the National League.

Hint: #2    He hit eleven home runs in Legends games.


-   Ans. In 1977, playing for CIN, Foster hit 31 HR away from Riverfront Stadium.  He added 21 at home to lead the majors w/52, well ahead of the 41 that the Braves’ Jeff Burroughs hit.  His last year in MLB was 1986 when he played 15 G for CHW where Carlton was a starting pitcher.

-   #1   ASG HR = 1976 (at the 1:30 mark), 3rd inning, 13-Jul-1976.  He was the game’s MVP.  Born in Tuscaloosa 01-Dec-1948.

-   #2   Foster played from 1989 to 1990 in the Senior Professional Baseball Association where he hit 11 HR in 70 G for the St. Lucie Legends

FCR -  Elliott Frankfother, Rock Falls, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Greg Luzinski, Dick Allen, Mike Schmidt, Willie McCovey, Frank Thomas



Q.  Who once homered with the same ball that his teammate had just homered with?

Hint: #1    He once finished second in MVP voting to a light-hitting shortstop.

Hint: #2    He was the last player before expansion to receive an intentional walk with the bases loaded.


-   Ans.     In the bottom of the 3rd on 30-Jul-1943, The Cubs’ Phil Cavarretta hit the first pitch of the inning off the RF foul pole for a HR.  Since the ball bounced back into the field of play, it was thrown back to the Dodgers’ Johnny Allen on the mound.  Next batter was Nicholson who promptly deposited the next pitch of that identical ball into the seats where it stayed.  Allen was immediately pulled.

-   #1   The Card’ Marty Marion won the NL MVP in 1944.  [Multiple sources said that Nicholson hit a GS on OD 1941.  Upon verification, 2 men were on base not 3.]

-   #2   On 23-Jul-1944(2), Nicholson was given an intentional walk with the bases loaded, only the 4th instance in baseball history.  NYG were beating the CHC, 10-7, in the top of the 8th with the bases loaded via 3 straight BB, w/0 out.  Nicholson—who had 4 HR already that day (1 HR in G 1 + 3 HR in G 2)—was waiting at the plate to set a Major League record.  Mgr Mel Ott ordered Ewald Pyle to walk Nicholson so he could face Dom Dallessandro, Andy Pafko & Don Johnson.  The Cubs tied the score by the end of the inning, but lost the G, 12-10.

FCR -  Mike Sparks, Sarasota

Incorrect guesses:  Brooks Robinson, Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Harmon Killebrew


SUNDAY  —07-Nov

Q.  Which one-time San Francisco Giant was the first batter in major league history to rack up 150 RBI the same season he struck out at least 150 times?

Hint: #1    He led the league in all three Triple Crown categories, but his most impressive of the three stats was three seasons prior to the other two.

Hint: #2    The season he led the majors in being hit by pitches, was the same year he stole home for the first time.


-   Ans.   In 1996, “El Gato” had exactly 150 RBI & 157 K.  Sammy Sosa reached those heights twice after that, 1998 & 2001.  Played for SFG in 2001.

-   #1   To go with his MLB-leading 150 RBI in 1996, he added 47 NL-leading HR.  In his 1st year w/COL, 1993—the season John Olerud toyed with hitting .400—Galarraga led the world w/a .370 BA, 82 points above his career BA.

-   #2   As a Montreal Expo in 1989, he was HBP 13 X & had a straight SB of home in the 9th on 20-Jun.

FCR -  Thom Frohnhoefer, Hohenfels, Germany.

Incorrect guesses:  Jeff Kent, Willie MC Covey, Tommy Davis, Dave Kingman



Q.  Which Philadelphia Phillies slugger holds their franchise record for intentional bases-on-balls in one season?

Hint: #1    He led the majors in runs batted in during the first season where he played at least one hundred games.

Hint: #2    On one memorable Mothers’ Day, he pinch-hit the game-tying home run, stayed in the game and hit the game-winning, extra-inning home run, just hours after going to the emergency room with a bout of food poisoning.


-   Ans.   37 IBB in 2006.  He’s in 2nd place on that same list when he approached his record the next year and ended w/35.

-   #1   in 2006, playing 159 G, Ryan stroked a career high 149 RBI and set the Phillies single-season HR record w/58.  He also had more total bases that year than any Phillie since the Depression w/383.

-   #2   His Sunday on 14-May-2006 had started early, with a trip to the emergency room for food poisoning.  He  started the game on the bench after suffering through a long night of vomiting and dehydration.  His father had driven him to the hospital around midnight where he spent more than 3 hours receiving medication.  Howard grabbed a few hours’ sleep before heading to the park for the 1:15 P.M. start.  Then In a microcosm of his MVP year, he homered in the 8th & 12th. 

FCR -  Mark Haynes, Dumfries, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Del Ennis, Stan Lopata,



WEEKLY THEME – NL RBI Leaders in consecutive seasons in the live ball era


Arenado.............. COL........... 2015, 2016

Banks.................. CHC........... 1958, 1959

Foster................. CIN............ 1976, 1977, 1978

Galarraga............ COL........... 1996, 1997

Howard............... PHI............ 2008, 2009

McCovey............. SFG........... 1968, 1969

Medwick.............. STL............ 1936, 1937, 1938

Murphy................ ATL............ 1982, 1983

Nicholson............ CHC........... 1943, 1944

Schmidt............... PHI............ 1980, 1981


First Correct Respondent identifying themeWarren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan (After Arenado)




Incorrect theme guesses:


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               -  The youngest players to hit four home runs in a game

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               -  Players who won 2 consecutive MVP's

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               -  Players who won MVP back-to-back

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               -  Members of the 500 HR club who played their entire career with one team

               -  Right handed hitting HoF 3B

               -  MVPs on teams that finished more than 20 games back of the pennant winner/division leader

               -  Players to hit 500 or more home runs with one team

               -  Team Leader in home runs at each position

               -  Hall of Famers that were moved to first base at end of career

               -  500 homers all with one team


Tuesday -  NL players with back-to-back MVPs

               -  Players who won a Gold Glove and led their league in homers in the same season

               -  Players who won a Gold Glove and led their league in homers in the same season and didn't win MVP 

               -  NL MVP winners in consecutive seasons

               -  1st nine players to win consecutive MVPs, covering every one of the nine positions on the field.


Wed        -  The 1st player to win back to back MVP awards at their position

               -  NL MVP's who had at least two back-to-back RBI titles


Friday     -  Players who played for a minor league team in Arizona


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