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2021-11-08 Batters who went hitless in 5 plate appearances in a single major league All-Star game

This week’s quiz submitted by Boulder, Colorado’s Campbell Gibson.


MONDAY  —08-Nov

Q.  What Hall of Fame member played in ten World Series, nine times on the winning side?

Hint: #1    At age 18, he set a Pacific Coast League record that still stands.

Hint: #2    According to a popular ditty in Boston, he was not even the best player in his family.


-   Ans.   NYY won the WS in 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1947, 1949 & 1951 & lost in 1942.

-   #1   He hit safely in 61 straight G for the 1933 San Francisco Seals during their 190 G schedule.

-   #2   The New England chant went “Who is better than his brother Joe? - Dominic DiMaggio!”

FCR -  Andy McCue, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses:  Vince DiMaggio

 TUESDAY  —09-Nov

Q.  What Hall of Fame member played in seven World Series, only once on the winning side?

Hint: #1    He was an above average fielder and scored more than 800 runs in one eight-year span.

Hint: #2    He got into shape in high school by climbing telephone poles.


-   Ans.   The Brooklyn Dodgers won pennants in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955 & 1956, but won the WS only in 1955.

-   #1   His career Rfield value (almost all at SS) was +117, and he scored 818 runs in the 1948-1955 period

-   #2   About his experience as an apprentice cable splicer for the telephone company, he said, “Climbing up and down those poles really built me up.”

FCR -  Tom Lee, Nashville

Incorrect guesses:  Duke Snider, Earl Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Carl Furillo, Red Schoendienst, Roy Campanella, Chipper Jones, Mickey Mantle



Q. What Hall of Fame member played in 4 World Series, 3 times on the winning team?

Hint: #1    No other player has hit more home runs in All-Star games.

Hint: #2    He is the only player to rank in the top thirty-five in career hits, singles, doubles, triples and home runs.

A. STAN MUSIAL  [SABR Bio] (His page in Baseball-Reference looks like someone spilled black ink all over it.)

-   Ans.      Went to the postseason w/STL in 1942, 1943, 1944 & 1946.  They won all but ’43.

-   #1   Musial homered 6 X in AS competition in 1948, 1949, 1951, 1955*, 1956 & 1960b.

-   #2   Ranks 4th in H (3,630), 19th in singles (2,253), 19th in 3B (177) & 32nd in HR (475).

FCR -  Tim Swindle, Tucson


Incorrect guesses:  Willie Mays, Rickey Henderson, Frank Robinson



Q.  What Hall of Fame member played in 3 World Series with two different teams, once with the winning team?

Hint: #1    He had over 700 RBIs in his first seven seasons, and he had 100+ RBI seasons with three different teams.

Hint: #2    He was traded for one other player on three different occasions.

Hint: #3    He’s the first Giant mentioned in “The Dodger Song”.


-   Ans.     He was in the WS w/SFG in 1962 and w/STL in 1967-68, winning in 1967.

-   #1   He had 747 RBIs in the 1958-1964 span, and he had 100+ RBI seasons with the Giants, Cardinals, and Braves.

-   #2   He was traded for Ray Sadecki in 1966, for Joe Torre in 1969, and for Denny McLain in 1972.

-   #3   Listen here “The Dodger Song”.

FCR -  Philip Guiliano, Chester, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Mickey Cochrane, Reggie Jackson, Willie Mays



Q.  What Hall of Fame member played in five World Series, but only once with the winning team?

Hint: #1    He was elected captain of every sports team he played on in high school.

Hint: #2    He hit .323 in his eight seasons with the Giants.


-   Ans.     The Dodgers won pennants in 1949, 1952-1953, and 1955-1956, but won the Series only in 1955.

-   #1   Attending Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia, Campy enjoyed all sports, but his passion for baseball never wavered.

-   #2   Played for the Washington and Baltimore Elite Giants 1937-1942 with breaks.

FCR -  Warren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan

Incorrect guesses:  Willie McCovey, Ross Youngs, Frankie Frisch, Monte Irvin, Mel Ott


FRIDAY  —12-Nov

Q.  Which one-time Braves player won a National League MVP in his second season, leading the league in triples, RBI, batting average and total bases and leading the majors in hits?

Hint: #1    He holds the modern-era record for most triples by a rookie.

Hint: #2    He had a monster season on his West Coast team, with 280 hits, 75 doubles, 402 total bases, and a league-leading .401 batting average.


-   Ans.     In 1927 Waner racked up 18 3B, 131 RBI, an average of .380 & 382 TB to go with his matchless 237 H.  He played for BSN in 1941-42.

-   #1   Led ML w/22 3B in 1926.  No other rookie has ever topped 20 since.  Jimmy Williams had 27 in 1899.

-   #2   Those stats were earned in his 174-G 1925 San Francisco Seals in the Pacific Coast League.

FCR -  Damian Begley, New York City

Incorrect guesses:  Frank McCormick, Ralph Garr, Rico Carty



Q.  Who is the only player native to South America to be elected to the Hall of Fame?

Hint: #1    The year he finished high in the MVP race, the winner was a teammate finishing just ahead of him with another teammate next in line.

Hint: #2    His first manager in the majors had won an MVP playing his position.


-   Ans.     Born: 29-Apr-1934 in Maracaibo, Venezuela.   Inducted to the Hall of Fame as player in 1984. 

-   #1   In 1959, Little Louie finished 2nd in AL MVP.  Double-play partner Nellie Fox took home the award and Cy-Young-Award-winning teammate Early Wynn was 3rd.  3 additional White Sox players also received votes that pennant-winning season.

-   #2   Aparicio’s 1st mgr in 1956 was Marty Marion who had been the NL MVP in 1944 for STL.

FCR -  Evan Thompson, Mesa

Incorrect guesses:  Rod Carew, Roberto Clemente, Omar Vizquel, Orlando Cepeda



Q.  Which Hall of Famer struck out the fewest times while winning a batting title in the live ball era?

Hint: #1    He retired because he was homesick and was replaced at his position by another player from his home state—another eventual Hall of Famer.

Hint: #2    He played for five American League teams, but never in a World Series?


-   Ans.     In 1949, Kell hit .3429 to edge out Ted Williams who hit .3427.  Kell struck out just 13 times that year.  (Williams struck out 48 X the same season.)

-   #1   He was born and died in Swifton, Arkansas.  Population in the 2010 census: 798.  Brooks Robinson became the everyday 3rd baseman in Kell’s place.  Little Rock is just 100 miles from Swifton.

-   #2   In his 15-year career, 1943-1957, he played for PHA, DET, BOS, CHW & BAL.

FCR -  Marcos Claudio, San Juan Puerto Rico

Incorrect guesses:  Nellie Fox, Harry Heilmann, Heinie Manush



Q.  Who is the only player to lead the league ten times in being hit-by-pitch?

Hint: #1    The first year that Gold Glove were awarded, he was one of the three outfielders to receive one.  

Hint: #2    He held a special place in his heart for Sid Monge.


-   Ans.   Minoso actually led the majors in HBP 9 X, every year 1951-61, excepting only 52 & 55, whose leaders were Solly & Nellie.  He led the AL in 1952.

-   #1   Willie Mays and Al Kaline were the other 1st-year GG OF winners

-   #2   It was off the Angels’ starter Monge on 12-Sep-1976 that Minoso got his last H in the majors at age 50.

FCR -  Elliott Frankfother, Rock Falls, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Ron Hunt, Don Baylor, Frank Robinson, Craig Biggio, Eddie Yost


SUNDAY  —14-Nov

Q.  Who played in two World Series, both times on the winning team, separated by years of military service?

Hint: #1    He was the first native of Alabama to collect an RBI in an All-Star game.

Hint: #2    A certain Hall of Famer broke his clavicle trying to avoid an outfield collision with this player.


-   Ans.   Played for STL in 1942 & 1946, and served in the military, 1943-1945.    

-   #1   ASG RBI = 08-Jul-1941, 6th inning.

-   #2   Enos Slaughter ran into a brick wall in the 2nd inning on 10-Aug-1941, breaking his collarbone, in an attempt to avoid a collision w/Moore.

FCR -  Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Enos Slaughter, Harry Walker, Willie Mays, Rudy York



Q.  Who played on one World-Series-winning team, but had a batting average below .040 in postseason play?

Hint: #1    He was an excellent fielder and was part of a keystone combination that holds the record for most double plays in a season.

Hint: #2    He was a below average MLB hitter, but he performed a rare offensive feat in another country toward the end of the season one year.


-   Ans.   He played for the 1971 Pittsburgh World Champions, but was 1 for 27 in postseason play, for a .037 batting average.

-   #1   He and Bill Mazeroski combined for 161 DPs in 1967 and both won Gold Gloves in each of 1966 and 1967.

-   #2   His career WAR was a pedestrian 24.1, but on 02-Sep-1970, he hit an inside-the-park grand slam.  The park in question?  Parc Jarry in Montreal.

FCR -  Steve Krevisky, Middletown, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Dal Maxvill



WEEKLY THEME – Batters who went hitless in 5 plate appearances in a single major league All-Star game


All-Star                  ASG, Venue                                                 (Extra)

Alley...................... 1967*, Anaheim Stadium...... 0 for 5........... (15 innings)

Aparicio................. 1970, Riverfront Stadium....... 0 for 6........... (12 innings)

Campanella............. 1950, Comiskey Park.............. 0 for 6........... (14 innings)

Cepeda................... 1967**, Anaheim Stadium...... 0 for 6........... (15 innings)

DiMaggio............... 1936*, Braves Field................ 0 for 5

Kell....................... 1950, Comiskey Park.............. 0 for 6........... (14 innings)

Minoso................... 1959a, Forbes Field............... 0 for 5

Moore.................... 1941, Briggs Stadium............. 0 for 5

Musial.................... 1950, Comiskey Park.............. 0 for 5........... (14 innings)

Reese..................... 1949, Ebbets Field................. 0 for 5

Waner.................... 1937**, Griffith Stadium......... 0 for 5

* 1st ASG

** Last ASG

Six of the 11 occurrences were in extra-inning games when more players were likely to have five or more plate appearances and thus a greater likelihood of a player going hitless in 5 or more at bats.  The fact that all 11 occurrences were in the 1936-1970 period reflects the trend away from a manager letting their starters play the whole game to a manager trying to get every player on the team into the game.  ~ Campbell Gibson



First Correct Respondent identifying themeTom Byrne, Old Greenwich, Connecticut




Incorrect theme guesses:


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